Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Amazon Opening Its Door to Blockchain After Signing New Partnership

Amazon Opening Its Door to Blockchain After Signing New Partnership

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced it will be forging a partnership to help users more easily plug into blockchain technology in association Kaleido.

The company aims to make the technology onboarding process smoother for enterprise consortium members while simplifying the operation of private blockchain networks. Kaleido takes the prerequisite of deep blockchain knowledge out of the hands of users.

Kaleido operates by integrating the greater security and diversification of the public blockchain, or Ethereum main net, with private chains.

Kaleido is the first platform that allows you to anchor your chain to the mainnet and indelibly store your state on the public blockchain.

John Hurley, Ryanair's CTO, said: "Machine learning is hugely important to our growth, and we're pursuing a variety of AWS machine learning services, including Amazon SageMaker, to enhance customer UI experience and personalise the MyRyanair portal for every unique traveller".

Regarding this new partnership, and set of tools, Amazon's statement said "Introducing Kaleido to AWS customers is going to help customers move faster and not worry about managing blockchain themselves".

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"The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a large and vibrant community", said Ron Resnick, Executive Director, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Kaleido represents the first "dual mode" use of Ethereum, enabling private, permissioned Ethereum-based systems to link with public, permissionless Ethereum to achieve an element of trustworthiness that has previously been unobtainable. "The platform runs on AWS and provides clients the ability to seamlessly connect to other popular AWS services, reducing the cost of real-world projects that often require complex integrations". "It is the first Blockchain SaaS solution available on the AWS Marketplace and will help them rapidly advance their blockchain projects".

The development gives customers advantage to build their firms on blockchain technology.

The airline is also trialling Amazon's chatbot technology with Amazon Lex, to help automate some customer support requests. "[Kaleido's] a new Blockchain Business Cloud aimed at speeding and simplifying enterprises' journey to using the technology". But Kaleido is a blockchain business cloud, and enterprise is in its DNA. Storage is encrypted and dedicated, and networks are automatically distributed across three Availability Zones (AZs) in a region. Kaleido is bringing them together in a valuable and meaningful way for enterprises.

The creator of the Ethereum blockchain platform, which is precisely what Kaleido and AWS will be using, stated this is the most significant move yet by the tech giant to move into Blockchain. "We believe Kaleido will become a de-facto standard and a global blockchain platform for business, providing an underlying foundation that until today was missing from the enterprise toolkit".

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