Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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AU vows efforts to mitigate new Ebola outbreak in DRC

AU vows efforts to mitigate new Ebola outbreak in DRC

The lawmaker said that unless hospitals were prepared properly and equipped with Ebola vaccines, it would be an epidemic Nigeria might be unable to take on.

She said, "The Senate recalls with great distress that an infected immigrant who arrived Nigeria on the 23rd of July was the index case of the ebola virus in Nigeria". In his contribution, Victor Umeh (APGA, Anambra Central), said alarm raised by Tinubu on Ebola via the motion was timely "because prevention is better than cure as Ebola dealt a awful blow on the country in recent past, with the loss of medical personnel and some other people".

"The Senate is be reminded that the tide was stemmed by quick response of the Nigerian government vid declaration of emergency, collaboration of federal and states Ministries of Health, use of incidence management approach, identification and follow up contacts. The remaining 12 cases are suspected..."

"The Senate is anxious that unless we prepare our hospitals, properly equipped with the Ebola vaccine where necessary, this is an epidemic we might be unable to take up and will only cause untold hardship".

The vaccines were sent to the Central African country by the World Health Organisation and health officials have said that vaccination would start during the weekend.

"It is important that Nigeria is proactive on measures to be taken so as not to be caught unaware about the possible outbreak of the endemic Ebola virus", he said. While none has been connected to the one in West Africa, the experimental vaccine is thought to be effective against the Zaire strain of Ebola found in Congo.

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The disease - most feared for the internal and external bleeding it can cause its victims - has already spread across 60 km (37 miles) in Equateur province.

Patta also reports that a crucial difference between the two outbreaks is the speed at which global agencies have responded. More than 11,000 people died before the outbreak was contained.

Patta reports that the epicenter of the disease is a small, remote town called Bikoro.

"Majority of the cases are in the health zone of Bikoro; others are reported in the health zones of Iboko and Wangata".

Before Wednesday's announcement, there had been only two cases of the virus confirmed by lab tests.

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