Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Judge Overturns California's Right-To-Die Law

Judge Overturns California's Right-To-Die Law

Ottolia ruled the California legislature violated the law by passing the End of Life Option Act during a special legislative session dedicated exclusively to health care-related issues, the Los Angeles Times reported.

A total of seven states - California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, Vermont and Washington - as well as the District of Columbia have laws on the books legalizing medical aid in dying for terminally ill patients, terminology preferred by advocates to the phrase "physician-assisted suicide".

"If this isn't Californians' health care, I don't know what is", said Eggman, a former social worker at hospices, who disputes Ottolia's conclusion that her bill should not have been considered during the special session. "We strongly disagree with this ruling and the state is seeking expedited review in the Court of Appeal", Becerra said, according to the newspaper report.

A special-session measure "does not receive the same degree of scrutiny and debate", Stephen Larson, a lawyer for opponents of the law, said Tuesday.

"The people we represent are shocked and are absolutely heartbroken this option has been taken away from them", spokesman Sean Crowley said. The judge gave Becerra five days to appeal.

"The arguments just don't hold water", said Kevin Diaz, who added that he hopes the law will remain in place during the appeal process.

A county judge invalidated California's physician-assisted suicide law Tuesday (May 15) but did not rule the lethal practice unconstitutional.

Millions of Americans, including many teenagers, who feel vulnerable to thoughts of suicide hear a message from the government that suicide is legal, that it is a good thing for society to endorse.

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Packer said that her insurance company would not fund potentially life-saving chemotherapy treatments for her lung cancer, but instead offered her "aid-in-dying" drugs that would cost her $1.20.

In January 2018, the California Catholic Conference reiterated its opposition to assisted suicide and criticized the lack of data collected and the lack of transparency of the law's implementation. Two years earlier Maynard, 29, who had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, publicized videos of her final weeks after she moved to OR to avail herself of the state's Death With Dignity Act. Two physicians must independently determine that requesting patients have six months or less to live, are making an informed, voluntary decision, and are mentally competent.

"Health care professionals were shocked at the cynicism and questioned why the state was embracing doctor-assisted suicide as the standard of care for people who needed respect and support", Dolejsi said in his statement.

Her sister and other advocates fear others won't have the same choice after a Riverside County judge threw out the law Tuesday because he said it was unconstitutionally approved by the Legislature.

Her story incited more awareness for the Death With Dignity movement, which began in OR when a group of physicians helped pass the first statewide law that allowed for terminally ill patients to request drugs to end their lives.

The California law was championed by Compassion & Choices, a pro-assisted suicide group.

The death law was passed by the California State Legislature in 2016, and 111 Californians ended their lives in the first six months after it went into effect.

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