Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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ND Senate discuss net neutrality, plan moving forward

ND Senate discuss net neutrality, plan moving forward

The measure still faces an uphill battle.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai regretted the move, saying: "Ultimately, I'm confident that their effort to reinstate heavy-handed government regulation of the internet will fail". "Even then, any such resolution would also need to bear the signature of President Trump, so we can safely say this is the beginning of the end for a free and open Internet".

All 49 Democrat senators voted in favour, joined by three Republican senators.

The repeal of net neutrality may not be certain yet. That wouldn't necessarily weigh heavily on Congress, but with mid-terms fast approaching, some many be concerned that the issue will be a factor in how people vote.

The measure, approved by a 52-47 vote, would void a decision made in December by the Republican majority of the Federal Communications Commission to repeal the regulations established in 2015 by the agency when Democrats controlled it during President Barack Obama's administration.

However, the endeavor to cease abrogation of net neutrality rules as a segment of an expansive political strategy by Democrats to marshal young voters in the November elections.

The US Senate has voted on Wednesday on whether to reverse a decision by the Trump administration to roll back Obama-era "net neutrality" rules.

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Today's vote implications are significant-net neutrality is critical for our nation's progress and for the creation of good jobs in the future. The FCC's net neutrality repeal gave broadband providers extraordinary new powers to block websites, throttle services and play favourites when it comes to online content.

The 52-47 vote, which saw three Republicans vote against their own side, used the Congressional Review Act - one of the checks and balances specifically created to fix problems caused by government agencies headed up by people who think they cool, but they not. "This is a huge momentum creator, especially with three Republican votes".

"This is our chance, our best chance to make sure the internet stays accessible and affordable to all Americans", said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from NY.

Prior to the vote Senator Hassan spoke on the floor of the Senate, reinforcing the importance of protecting a free and open internet so that all hard-working Granite Staters and businesses across the country can thrive. "It's disappointing that Senate Democrats forced this resolution through by a narrow margin".

If the bill doesn't pass, the new FCC rules repealing net neutrality will go into effect on June 11, but expect to see more challenges in court.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Wednesday that the solution was for lawmakers to draft Net neutrality legislation "that would safeguard consumers but still prevent regulators from stifling innovation".

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