Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
Money | By Armando Alvarado

85% of new Netlix spending going toward original programming

85% of new Netlix spending going toward original programming

Netflix plans to produce 80 original films in 2018, ranging from "sub-indie" low-budget pictures to "USD 100 million blockbusters", Sarandos added.

Netflix is expanding its original content and planning to flood its streaming service with new original films in an effort to compete with Hollywood studios.

Netflix's heavy investment in its originals certainly appears to have paid off so far. "The way we can secure these shows is by having a great reputation with talent, having a brand people want to be associated with, and a good track record of delivering", Sarandos said while also acknowledging the changing dynamic of the market. However, it's still unclear exactly how much will go into Netflix Original films.

Netflix is on its way to releasing at least 86 Netflix original films worldwide in 2018, the streaming giant told Reuters.

The decision to ramp up its original films production is no secret and has been oft mentioned by the Netflix management.

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That averages at around 9 million viewers per film.

We're excited to see how Netflix continues to grow and evolve its programming in the coming years, and the awesome new content the streaming service will be sending our way soon. "Bright" opened in 12 locations while action-adventure film "Okja", from South Korean director Bong Joon-ho, was shown in about 50. But the company insists its movies be available to streaming subscribers the same day they debut in theaters, prompting most large theater chains to reject Netflix films.

"The creators we're talking to, they watch Netflix and they want to be on our network", Ted said, Via NY Post.

Further, Netflix plans on releasing at least 17 Netflix films in languages other than English, which include French, Arabic, Japanese, Hungarian and Russian, such as R-rated French film, Young and handsome.

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