Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
Life&Culture | By Rose Hansen

White House Weighs in on Laurel vs. Yanny Debate: 'I Hear Covfefe'

White House Weighs in on Laurel vs. Yanny Debate: 'I Hear Covfefe'

Do you hear "Yanny" or "Laurel"? that is the question now raging on social media and Danny Aronson, CEO of EVEN, the company creating headphones known as "glasses for your ears" has explained the technical reasons for the phenomenon.

In the light-hearted video, staffers are asked if they hear "Laurel" in the audio clip, or if they hear "Yanny".

Ivanka Trump is definitely on Team Laurel, but Kellyanne "alternative facts" Conway isn't too loyal to her side.

But, if you hear Yanny, that's all the higher notes.

"I hear covfefe", Trump mentioned in a video posted to Twitter Thursday evening, seemingly poking enjoyable of himself after he tweeted "covfefe" one yr in the past.

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"Sarah it's been reported that you hear Laurel, how do you respond?" an off-camera voice asks Sanders.

Even Mike Pence joined the fun, robotically turning to the camera and asking, "Who's Yanny?"

Trump had the last word: "I hear 'covfefe, '" he said. "Who's yanny? I hear coffefe".

"How many of y'all will still be working there in nine months?"asked one person".

'Yanny's the victor, Laurel's the loser, ' she confidently declares. Older adults often start losing their hearing within the higher-frequency range, meaning it's possible that more young people hear "Yanny".

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