Published: Tue, May 22, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

All 'foreign forces' to leave Syria, Putin tells Assad

All 'foreign forces' to leave Syria, Putin tells Assad

After a surprise visit by Assad to Russia Thursday, President Vladimir Putin announced that Damascus had agreed to send a delegation to United Nations-chaired constitutional talks in Geneva.

Last month, Israel targeted an advanced Iranian air-defense system at the T4 base in Syria, the Wall Street Journal reported.

"Any outside aggression against the Syrian territory is an aggression".

Those air raids were said to have destroyed some 200 missiles and killed at least 26 fighters, mostly Iranians.

Iran is in Syria over the invitation of the Syrian government to fight terrorism, Gasemi said, adding that the forces which should exit Syria are those who, have entered the country without permission of the Syrian government and have violated its territorial integrity.

Syria's military says it has retaken the last neighborhoods in southern Damascus held by the Islamic State group and is declaring the capital and its surroundings "completely safe" and free of any militant presence.

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The Washington Post and CNN, for example, focused on Iran and Hezbollah as key foreign forces that have "helped to prop up the embattled President [Assad]".

The spokesman went on to say that as a committed party to the JCPOA, following the unilateral, illegal and scandalous withdrawal of the United States from the multi-national agreement, the Islamic Republic of Iran will remain in the deal as long as the remaining sides acknowledge Iran's rights under the accord.

Notably, Assad's statement while meeting with Putin named "illegal foreign forces" compared with Putin's mention of "foreign forces".

Incorrect. the reference by both Putin & Assad, relates to both Turkish & U.S forces and not Iran, which has a defence agreement with's current presence is not part of any such deals to be made. He and his counterpart hailed the beginning of the "political process" in Syria amid an ongoing "fight against terrorism".

Yet in typical fashion the mainstream media can only interpret all recent events as signs of Syrian-Russian weakness and increased internal tensions.

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