Published: Tue, May 22, 2018
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Pope Francis to Chilean Gay Man: 'God Made you This Way'

Pope Francis to Chilean Gay Man: 'God Made you This Way'

Pope Francis just told a victim of clerical sexual abuse that his sexuality "did not matter" & that God made him gay.

Francis made similar comments in 2015 to Diego Neria, a Spanish transgender man who met with him in the Vatican.

So, Cruz tells CNN that the Pope told him: "You know Juan Carlos, that does not matter". According to Cruz, the pope told him that God made him gay and loves him like that, and that he shouldn't worry about what anyone else says. After greeting the faithful and addressing an Easter message to them, Pope Francis named countries for whom "today we implore fruits of peace".

This is big news within the Catholic church because it is the biggest indication yet that Pope Francis is accepting of gay people, and it is the biggest example yet of the head of the Roman Catholic church accepting homosexuality, which has always been thought of as a sin by Catholics.

"When a person arrives before Jesus, Jesus certainly will not say: "Go away because you are homosexual", he said.

Be clear, the Catholic Church has done absolutely no favors around homosexuality and the scandal of priests molesting young boys feeds directly into those archaic views.

The Pope Told A Gay Man That 'God Loves You Like This,' Making Him The Most Accepting Catholic Leader To Date
Sex Abuse Victim Claims Pope Said God Made Him Gay

His abuser, Fernando Karadima, was found guilty of abuse by the Vatican in 2011. Actually embracing gay people would mean the world's largest Christian body would have to drop its claim that gay people are "objectively disordered", which is now part of the Catholic Catechism. He discussed his sexuality and being abused by a Chilean priest. The Pope basically saying that Carlos Cruz was "born that way" isn't what we usually hear out of Catholic doctrine.

In 2013, in response to a journalist's question about the "gay lobby", the Pope said, "Who am I to judge?"

Eneas Espinoza, a Chilean man who claims to have been abused while at a school run by the Marist brothers, called on the pope to pursue a canonical prosecution that could see them stripped of all titles and benefits. The entire episcopate in Chile resigned after being rebuked by Francis, an unprecedented act.

Some 31 active Bishops, along with three who were retired, tendered their resignation to the Pope, insisting that it was time to place their fate "in the hands of the Holy Father so that he might freely decide for each one of us".

But days after returning to Rome, the pope, citing new information, sent sexual abuse investigator Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta to Chile to speak to victims, witnesses and other church members.

Luckily, Pope Francis came around and realized that he made a mistake.

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