Published: Thu, May 24, 2018
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Jared Kushner Regains Top Security Clearance

Jared Kushner Regains Top Security Clearance

Son-in-law and adviser to the president Jared Kushner regained his security clearance Wednesday, a source familiar with the matter told CNN.

Lowell said that Kushner answered all questions that were asked.

Kushner's lawyer, Abbe Lowell, said Mueller's probe did not delay the process.

Kushner was first interviewed in November, when the focus was mainly on former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump, the president's oldest daughter.

Kushner's lawyer said Wednesday that Kushner completed the background check process that began previous year.

Lowell said Kushner previous year became "one of the first to voluntarily cooperate with any investigation into the 2016 campaign and related topics", the daily reported.

Federal Bureau of Investigation background checks for security clearances routinely examine an applicant's financial holdings and foreign contacts.

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His financial situation has since improved markedly. The interview did not deal with Kushner's finances or his companies, Lowell said.

Mark Zaid, a national security lawyer, said people who lose their interim security clearances are often able to get them restored after a fuller investigation of the issues that caused concern for security officers.

He said Kushner's clearance was decided by career officials in the intelligence community and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

"For that job, he would normally need top secret and SCI", Zaid said.

Gaining a permanent security clearance potentially relieves tremendous weight on Kushner, whose contacts with foreign officials during Trump's transition to the White House were subject to major scrutiny and damning media reports. At one point, the White House had dozens of employees awaiting permanent clearances before Chief of Staff John F. Kelly ordered an overhaul of the process.

Whether the restoration of Kushner's clearance is somehow related to his cooperation with Mueller is not immediately clear.

Kushner was one of many Trump administration officials who also worked on the president's campaign to face questioning from Mueller. Kushner updated the SF-86 forms once more in June to include that meeting.

Kushner's application had been beset by multiple revisions and previously undisclosed contacts with foreign individuals.

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