Published: Sat, June 09, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Defective Apple Watch Displays

Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Defective Apple Watch Displays

As was first noted on Thursday by Patently Apple, Apple has been hit with a new class action lawsuit that says every single version of the Apple Watch (Series 0 to Series 3) is defective in its design, as the smartwatches are prone to displays that can shatter, crack, or become dislodged from the rest of the body "through no fault of the wearer".

"A reasonable consumer expects and assumes that, when he/she purchases an Apple Watch purportedly designed for active wear and use, the Watch screen will not spontaneously crack, detach, or shatter when it is being used within its normal and/or expected range of operation", the lawsuit states. The screen issues seen are allegedly no fault of the user and often happen only days or weeks after purchase. When confronted with user complaints about cracked screens, Apple is said to routinely deny that there's a defect, blame the user for "accidental damage", then refuse warranty coverage, leaving the user to pay for repairs.

"At all pertinent times, Sciacca maintained his Watch as recommended by Apple", reads the lawsuit.

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In Mexico, the voice calling-capable Apple Watch Series 3 is compatible with Telcel and AT&T, two of the top three local carriers, fetching a relatively reasonable 8,999 pesos in an entry-level 38mm variant, as well as 9,699 pesos and up with a 42mm case.

As a result of the Defect in the Watches and monetary costs associated with fix, replacement, or lost use of the Watches, Plaintiff and Class members have suffered an injury in fact, incurred damages, and have otherwise been harmed by Apple's conduct. The lawsuit is seeking $5 million. AppleInsider has service data collated on every model of Apple Watch from release, similar to the data we have collected on the iPhone and Mac lines.

Just over a year later, in March 2018, the watch screen "unexpectedly detached from the Watch's body shortly after he removed the watch from its charger". The suit also claims that Apple has been aware of the defect since the Apple Watch launched and has refused to honor warranty claims for the issue. Apple extended the warranty for the battery due to swelling that could detach the back cover. So he took it to an Apple store where he was told it wasn't as a result of a swollen battery and so wasn't under warranty.

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