Published: Sat, June 09, 2018
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Government seeks explanation from Facebook over data sharing with mobile device makers

Government seeks explanation from Facebook over data sharing with mobile device makers

Businessmen from around the world invested $19 million in Emerdata, however, insiders claimed, that Cambridge Analytica additionally sent up to $8.2 million in the form of a loan.

"However, such reports raise uncomfortable questions about the assurances made by Facebook".

Earlier this week, Facebook admitted that it shared user data with Chinese technology company Huawei, along with three other China-based smartphone makers Lenovo, OPPO and TCL. The media committee is investigating fake news, and focusing on the role of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook in the 2016 Brexit vote as well as the Trump election. Facebook data was used by the British firm as part of its work, he said. Nix said he should have said "yes" but that his "focus was on whether we still held the data from GSR, which was the issue Facebook had been most concerned about".

The data in question was harvested by Kogan via an app that mined personal information of 270,000 users - and their connections - which he then sold.

The boss of Cambridge Analytica Alexander Nix has come out all guns blazing as he claimed the company was the victim of a "concerted campaign" by the "global liberal media".

"It is deeply troubling that this conspiracy theory has spread so widely, and caused such damage to our company", he said.

Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Pre-cut Melons
Walmart and Kroger are cooperating fully with the investigation and have removed all cut melon associated with this outbreak. The FDA is trying to identify the supplier to the stores where ill people shopped, according to the release.

Nix also said that Channel 4 had heavily edited the footage to portray him in a worse light.

Nix apologised for an undercover film in which he said Cambridge Analytica's online campaign played a decisive role in Trump's election win. As Christopher Wylie says in the above video, "Cambridge Analytica is the beginning, it's not the end".

"What Mr Nix actually said to our reporter, and which was broadcast by Channel 4 News and watched by over 3m people, was that his caveat: "they're just examples of what can be done", was followed by "and what has been done".

Nix denied a story in the Financial Times that he had withdrawn $US8 million from Cambridge Analytica before its collapse last month.

Kaiser met with Assange in February, according to Ecuadorian embassy visitor logs obtained by the Guardian, and also allegedly gave WikiLeaks money in the form of cryptocurrency.

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