Published: Sat, June 09, 2018
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Kathleen Wynne speaks following the Liberals’ crushing election loss

Kathleen Wynne speaks following the Liberals’ crushing election loss

The Progressive Conservative party won a majority government in Ontario on Thursday night, ending more than 15 years of the Liberal party running the province.

"My friends, help is here", Premier-Elect Doug Ford told a jubilant crowd at the Toronto Convention Centre.

He says the Conservatives will turn the province around, adding it is a day of prosperity and opportunity.

The Progressive Conservatives won 76 ridings, while the NDP got 40.

Ontario's new premier is undecided over whether he will attend Toronto's annual Pride parade later this month - and has previously said it is an event where men run down the street "buck naked". "I know Rob is celebrating with us tonight".

An often controversial figure, Ford served on Toronto's city council along with his late brother, Rob Ford, the former mayor of Toronto who made global headlines after he admitted to smoking crack cocaine.

"We worked right up to the last minute and we just appreciate everybody's support".

Doug Ford will be the next Premier of Ontario.

In his victory speech, Ford paid tribute to his late father, as well as his late brother, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford. "I am passing the torch", she said.

Trump Will Leave G-7 Early and Avoid Meeting Allies
The G7, or "Group of Seven", is now made up of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, and Japan. Macron said: "We'll all be behind him to support this essential initial initiative in the fight for global denuclearization".

Led by Andrea Horwath, the NDP earned 34% of the vote.

Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump have exchanged tough words after the U.S. imposed hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada, Mexico and Europe. The Green Party meanwhile, picked up its first ever seat in the province. The only MPPs who predate Wynne's time as leader are Michael Coteau and the indestructible Mike Gravelle, who hung on to his seat in Thunder Bay-Superior North. Coteau, a progressive Liberal who won his seat in 2011 and endorsed Wynne in the 2013 leadership race, is already a frontrunner to succeed Wynne as party leader.

While the result marked a stunning defeat for a party that has governed the province since Dalton McGuinty came to power in 2003, it was not unexpected.

Wynne admitted last weekend that her party would lose the election, but urged supporters to vote for her candidates to prevent her rivals from winning a majority.

The Liberals projected in March a C$6.7 billion deficit in the 2018-19 fiscal year, and further deficits in subsequent years, just one year after balancing the books for the first time since the global financial crisis. Wynne, 65, stepped down as party leader.

Despite those polls, Couillard said Quebec Liberals will, come Quebec's general election on October 1, have "the best team" and a "considerably renewed team".

"I don't really see why the NDP would want to give anything to the Liberals now...memories are long in politics", Malloy said. "And I have committed to work with him to make this transition as smooth as possible".

Wynne, Ontario's first female premier, said she would "absolutely" recommend the job to little girls, despite the difficulties of the role.

Despite the fact that Toronto showed a sharp division between support for the PCs and the NDP, Mayor John Tory was quick to congratulate Ford and to point to points of commonality.

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