Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

'Command & Conquer' mobile game wants in on that 'Clash of Clans' money

'Command & Conquer' mobile game wants in on that 'Clash of Clans' money

Like its predecessors, Command & Conquer: Rivals features fog of war, which adds another strategic element to keep track of.

Command and Conquer Rivals, the latest in the RTS series, has been showcased at E3 2018's EA Play event. Taking advantage of mobile's touch interface, Command & Conquer: Rivals gives players continuous control of their armies as they face off in intense head-to-head battles where skill and strategy are key to victory.

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This marks the series' first game since 2012's Tiberium Alliances and you'd hope it gets off to a good start because if there's one thing the world needs, it's Command and Conquer rocking up and showing everybody how it's done just like the good old days. EA says Rivals will feature a tier system for rewards and for which units you're able to equip, similar to hit mobile RTS Clash Royale, but the details are still being fine-tuned.

As stated above, the game is already available for download in pre-alpha state via the Play Store. Rivals, players choose a Commander to lead their forces, each with his own abilities that can influence the gameplay style. On top of that, Android users can also try out the alpha version of the game if they pre-register. "We, the development team, are committed to delivering a fun, fair, and competitive experience for all players". Feel free to let us know in the comments section below and don't forget to stay tuned for more E3 2018.

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