Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
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Anthem at EA Play 2018

Anthem at EA Play 2018

Right before Electronic Arts' press conference at E3 2018 could have taken place, Amazon Italy has put up the product page for the upcoming Bioware's co-op shooter Anthem.

Anthem will launch on 22nd February 2019, which is the same day as Days Gone, on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It suggests that EA may have learned harsh lessons from Star Wars Battlefront 2's disastrous launch and has taken steps to avoid such controversies in the future.

The new production is a multiplayer cooperative adventure with elements of action and RPG, which stands out for its graphics, but which also immerses the players in the universe of science fiction. "We launched our game in November of previous year, and clearly we didn't get it quite right", DICE Design Director Dennis Brannvall explained at EA Play 2018.

Anthem is promising the ability to not only cosmetically personalize the "Freelancer" pilot you play as, but also the Javelin that you fly around the world in.

EA also announced new updates for its Star Wars title set in 2027.

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The highlight of the show came from Bioware's Anthem.

Unravel Two is the sequel to Unravel - the first indie game published under the EA Originals brand back in 2016. These cosmetics may even change the shape of each of the four Javelin classes but won't actually affect gameplay. This is a unique game which hones in on the feeling of loneliness, but encapsulating on a player who transformed into a monster who is on a quest to become human again. BioWare has traditionally specialized in single-player RPGs like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, so an online-first experience is a departure - but the company is promising to focus on story-drive content.

EA FIFA 19: Every year EA releases FIFA games keeping the players anticipated and excited towards the new release.

We then got trailers for National Basketball Association 19 available September 7th and for Madden 19 available August 7th. Anthem will be featured as a service meaning there is going to be in-game purchases, but there won't be any microtransactions or any pay-to-play mechanics. The BioWare team confirmed that players will have the option to play the entire game solo if they wish.

Vince Zampella got some air time to announce that his studio, Respawn Entertainment, is developing a new Star Wars title named Star Jedi: The Fallen Order.

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