Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
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NY Governor asks for federal investigation into ICE conduct

NY Governor asks for federal investigation into ICE conduct

However, former government immigration lawyer Kerry Bretz said this was a "very high standard" to fulfill and Villavicencio's case may not be strong enough.

In a letter to the ICE office in NY, the Democrat said Villavicencio's "expedited removal serves no legitimate public safety objective and the circumstances leading to his arrest and detention raise serious legal and policy concerns".

Villavicencio was arrested on June 1 when he tried to make a delivery to the Fort Hamilton garrison in Brooklyn.

At that point, the woman said, he signed a waiver for a background check, and 'an active Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant was discovered on file'. But his wife and two young daughters are American citizens.

Chica, who was born in Colombia and moved to the US a decade ago, said she is a USA citizen.

'They've got two little kids, so she'd have to struggle as a single mom, ' he told the New York Post.

The trouble for Villavicencio, who had been living with his family in Long Island, started because a new soldier was at the gate that day.

ICE spokeswoman Rachael Yong Yow said in March 2010 Villavicencio was granted voluntary departure by an immigration judge but failed to depart by July, as ordered.

The undocumented immigrant from Ecuador was arrested while delivering pizza to Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn last week.

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"Please ICE, do the right thing with my husband", his wife Sandra Chica said earlier this week. Both politicians said they were seeking answers from Fort Hamilton.

'He'a supporting the family and now I'm going to be by myself with them'. "He is the center of our family and our main support".

"I had one message for her: Anything we can do to help, we will do". The voluntary departure order then "became a final order of removal", she said.

"He was a tax-payer, contributor to our community entering this base, and now he went from being in this base - that's here to protect us - to prison", Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said. City Council member Justin Brannan asked the cameras. "Is this part of some new Donald Trump deportation strategy?"

He had been to the base several times before, presenting his NY city ID card that carries no mention of his immigration status.

Also on Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security in Villavicencio's defense, demanding an investigation into the practices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

Two New York City officials joined her and the couple's 2- and 3-year-old daughters for a news conference in front of the Army base.

Instead, he got married and started a family in NY - where local laws somewhat shield undocumented immigrants from federal authorities, even as President Donald Trump's administration detains thousands of people it accuses of entering the United States illegally.

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