Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
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North Korea: Trump Agreed to Lift Sanctions

North Korea: Trump Agreed to Lift Sanctions

President Trump on Tuesday also praised the North Korean leader as the two posed for pictures after the signing, calling him "a very worthy, very smart negotiator" and saying he had a "great personality" and was "very smart".

It came after Donald Trump said the U.S. would be stopping war games referring to military exercises with South Korea.

"Seeing the two meet gives me hope that there will be no more conflict", said a man, 85, who was watching the live broadcast of the Trump-Kim summit at Seoul Station. Trump, however, said on June 2 that the U.S. Trump called the exercises "very provocative" and "inappropriate", while also noting that ending them would save money.

On Wednesday Japan's defence chief said the U.S. military's presence in South Korea and joint military exercises were "vital" for east Asian security.

The last time North Korea cooperated in a recovery effort between 1990 and 2005, only 229 sets of remains were recovered.

The defense chief added that Japan would continue its own joint exercises with the USA and would stick to plans to boost its defense against the ballistic missile threat from the North.

Regarding the issue of 28,500 American forces stationed in the South, Trump said he wants to "bring them back home", but the issue was "not part of the equation right now".

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Listing other perceived concessions, the Rodong Sinmun article said Trump "offered security guarantees to the DPRK and to "lift sanctions against it" over time".

Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong said that the joint statement "is a crucial first move in the long journey towards lasting peace and stability on a denuclearised Korean Peninsula, which would benefit our region and the rest of the world". "So he has initiated a process where he, Kim Jong-un, is going to be seen as this accommodating statesman who is, at least according to Mr. Trump, seriously going to pursue denuclearization".

And Koh Yu-hwan at Dongguk University said, "The basic agreements were made during the summit, so the concrete measures have been left to working-level talks".

The eccentric former athlete and reality TV star was referring to his trips to North Korea in 2013 and 2017.

The zany former National Basketball Association star, whose warm relationship with Kim has given him newfound fame ever since his playing days ended, was present in Singapore for the Trump-Kim summit as a goodwill ambassador.

If there comes a point that Mr Trump believes that he is in some way being manipulated, then Kim Jong-un should be wary of the president.

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