Published: Fri, June 15, 2018
Medicine | By Earnest Bishop

So, this is why workplace food is not healthy for you!

So, this is why workplace food is not healthy for you!

"The majority of the calories people got at work, people didn't pay for - 70 percent of the calories were free", said study co-author Stephen Onufrak, an epidemiologist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Onufrak presented the results of the study at an annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition in Boston.

Amico continued, "Americans are not consuming enough fruits, vegetables, and dairy and it can be challenging to meet those guidelines when you have a food environment that doesn't support it". A significant amount, which may well be responsible for those extra pounds, especially since those are mostly empty calories - nearly devoid of nutrients, full of solid fats and added sugars.

A STUDY of more than 5,000 employees found the food they consume, hunched over desks or laptops, are full of salt and unhealthy refined grains.

A new study from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention finds working Americans eat an average of 1,300 calories at work a week.

In the week that was studied, "nearly one in four working adults obtained food at work. and the food and beverages that they got added up to an average of almost 1,300 calories, more than half the recommended daily calorie intake for the average adult", lead author Stephen Onufrak, a CDC epidemiologist in the Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity, told ABC News. Overall, 35, 20, 12, 11, 12, and 10 percent of those who obtained food at work had one, two, three, four, five, and more than five acquisition occasions, respectively.

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For many of us, it's really hard to pass up the sweet pastries at meetings, the tasty doughnuts in the break time, and a delicious birthday cake for a co-worker.

The study looked at more than 5,000 employees from a USA firm, examining food or beverages obtained at work. The study found that nearly 70 percent of those calories came from the free food provided in common areas, during work-related social events or meetings, the researchers analyzed that data from a household survey of food bought and acquisitions.

Furthermore, not only were the foods high in calories, they also contained added sugars and high amounts of sodium.

The bottom line for researchers: Employers can play more of a role to promote healthier food choices and provide access to them, such as making sure vending machines and employee cafeterias offer healthy options. The foods they ate typically came from the usual places, like the cafeteria, vending machines, common areas and meetings and work parties.

"We have salad, French fries and pizza. among that list, there weren't a lot of nutrient-dense foods", Onufrak said.

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