Published: Wed, June 20, 2018
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German ETFs hit by concerns over European Union migrant crisis

German ETFs hit by concerns over European Union migrant crisis

Merkel's plight however, did not go unnoticed by the US President who has routinely criticized her decision to open Germany's borders in 2015.

He called out Germany in a tweet Monday, arguing the people there are beginning to turn against their leadership for allowing hundreds of thousands of refugees to flood into the country.

It's the first time Trump has openly criticised Germany's immigration policy since he took office a year ago, although he was previously critical of their immigration policy during the presidential campaign when he called Angela Merkel's decision to leave the country's borders open to Syrian refugees as "insane".

In her fourth term as German chancellor, Angela Merkel is going through her biggest political crisis.

France's President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday won German Chancellor Angela Merkel's backing for reforms aimed at bolstering the eurozone against crises, including a vaunted budget for the bloc.

Merkel insists on her "bilateral" refugee strategy, fearing that Seehofer's course could trigger a pan-European chain reaction and accelerate the break-up of the European Union.

Speaking after the CSU agreed to give Merkel two weeks to find a European solution to the immigration issue, Curio said Germany should deport migrants who have registered elsewhere and those who have come via safe third countries while it should be more rigorous in deporting those who are obliged to leave.

Merkel said she was optimistic her government and parliament would back the proposed reforms.

While his party supports a European solution, he added, he wants to be ready to begin turning back any migrant whose asylum process is pending in another European Union country, or who has been registered as arriving there.

The leaders of Germany and France have announced plans on Tuesday to strengthen the European Union's (EU) capabilities in addressing worldwide security challenges and the refugee crisis, APA reports quoting Anadolu Agency.

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So, why is Trump attacking Germany on immigration?

Appearing before reporters in the Bavarian capital, Munich, about 20 minutes after Merkel spoke, Seehofer sounded less conciliatory, saying that once he returned to Berlin, he would begin laying the groundwork to change German policy over the chancellor's objections.

Both Merkel and Macron suffer by ir right thrust of an antiimmigration rhetoric and identity essences.

He then declared crime in Germany is "way up", despite statistics showing crime there is at its lowest point since 1992.

In Brussels, the European Union asylum office said Monday the number of people applying for worldwide protection in Europe plunged past year but remains higher than before 2015, when more than one million migrants entered, many fleeing the war in Syria.

While he now has Merkel's backing in hand, Macron still has an uphill struggle to convince the other members of the 19 member eurozone to sign off on the budget.

In Germany, the question of how the country should handle migrants has pushed Merkel's governing coalition to the brink of collapse.

Polls suggest that its absolute majority in the Bavarian state legislature is in danger in the October 14 state election because it is being challenged on the right by the far-right, anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party.

The two leaders of Europe's biggest economies will seek to thrash out a compromise between Macron's bold vision for sweeping European Union change and Germany's stance that is more cautious, especially when it comes to finance.

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