Published: Wed, June 20, 2018
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How U.S. Congress proposes to solve their immigration crisis

How U.S. Congress proposes to solve their immigration crisis

We could have - child separation - we're stuck with these awful laws.

U.S. President Donald Trump departs after speaking briefly to the news media from a closed House Republican Conference meeting with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., U.S., June 19, 2018. Several people who were in the room said Trump told them that his daughter Ivanka spoke to him about needing to address the family separation issue.

Meanwhile, House Republicans are gearing up to vote on two different immigration bills this week. John Cornyn of Texas.

Mr. Trump has drawn condemnation from across the political spectrum over the separation of children. She said family separation is a "heartbreaking.issue that could be changed in a moment by the president of the United States".

Schlapp said during the interview that family separation could be avoided by doing one thing.

Thousands of children and other migrants are now being held in detention centers operated by US Customs and Border Protection, where they await trial.

Republican Mr Trump yesterday blamed Democrats for the crisis, tweeting: "They don't care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our country, like MS-13 [a 1980s worldwide criminal gang originating in Los Angeles]".

Trump's Monday morning tweets come amid a growing backlash over his administration's "zero-tolerance" immigration policy. But some worry he could also inject a new dynamic, rejecting emerging GOP proposals and potentially exacerbating an already tough situation as his party heads toward hard midterm elections.

The Republican president blamed Democrats for not coming to the table to negotiate immigration legislation.

White House spokesman Raj Shah, in a statement after the session, attempted to clear up any confusion, and stressed that Trump endorsed both proposals.

How many kids have been separated from parents?

The explicit demand comes as Congress is trying to find a deal that is unrelated - at least in theory - to reunite children separated from their parents along the U.S-Mexican border, and it was not well received.

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U.S. officials say more than 2,300 children have been separated from their parents or guardians since early May, when the administration announced its push to arrest and charge anyone illegally crossing the U.S. -Mexico border, regardless of whether they were seeking asylum. "If you don't like that, then don't smuggle children over our border'".

There are 100 sites scattered across 17 states.

Why are families being separated at the border?

Since children can not be sent to the facilities where their parents are held, they are separated from them.

"The president laid out his vision for immigration reform, the importance of taking action - the kids and separation at the border that's ongoing", McMorris Rodgers said.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said he's pushing a bill that would repeal the Flores settlement, which would allow the families to be detained longer than 20 days together in immigration detention.

Trump told lawmakers that he supports both Republican immigration bills being considered by the chamber, a White House spokesman said.

"While cases are pending, families should stay together", tweeted Cruz, who is in an unexpectedly tough re-election battle.

He said he's requesting a "third option" from Congress that will allow officials to detain children and parents together as a family unit. But if Portman cares so much about children (as he claims), why isn't he signing on to the Keep Families Together Act?

As for Congress, Hurd was dismayed that legislation is needed at all.

Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen toured facilities in southern Texas where these children are being held, and said the enforcement of the policy is not working.

"You saw the President [say] on camera that he wants this to end".

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