Published: Thu, June 21, 2018
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Salvini turns attention towards Roma communities - Italianmedia

Salvini turns attention towards Roma communities - Italianmedia

The first to complete reception procedures was a 29-year-old man from South Sudan, the Valencia regional government emergency and security department said on its Twitter feed.

The Democratic Party's president, Matteo Orfini, responded to Salvini by posting a sharp retort to his proposal for a Roma census by asking whether it would be more appropriate to count the number of racists and fascists in the country instead of focusing on migrants and non-Italians.

"They also look exhausted", she told AFP.

"I am very happy that these people got to a safe harbor, after all the problems and the long trip in so many days, after seeing how they were rescued and taken out of water", Corral said. "There will be a before and after", said Father Angel Garcia Rodriguez, a priest who heads the Messengers of Peace non-governmental organisation which is helping migrants at the port.

Orsini, said: "Although it is seldom that we run into people in distress at sea, it is something we plan, practice and prepare for routinely".

"We celebrate that rescued people are finally in a safe place, where they will be assisted with dignity", he said.

Salvini said: "I have asked to have a report on the Roma situation prepared to see who, how and how many".

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Spain's minister of public works, said due to their ordeal, the migrants from the rescue ship Aquarius will be granted a "special authorization" to remain in the country for one month before "they will be dealt with according to our laws without exception".

The Aquarius picked up the 630 migrants off the Libyan coast last week.

The U.S. 6th Fleet said the migrants rescued by its fast transport ship on June 12 were moved to the Italian ships on Sunday near tiny Lampedusa.

The rescued people stayed on the Navy boat for several more days before being transferred to the Italian coast guard vessel on Sunday morning.

The destination wasn't immediately announced, but the coast guard said it wouldn't dock until at least Tuesday.

The Aquarius arrived in Valencia on Sunday escorted by two Italian ships.

The current asylum laws for the European Union require a migrant to apply for asylum in the country where they first enter Europe, but the flow of migrants coming to Europe is not always constant or evenly distributed. The insistence of the new Italian government, led by the League and the Five Star Movement, to curb the arrival of migrants and asylum seekers has already rocked relations with France, which on Saturday offered to help Spain take the migrants. The issue has put strong domestic pressure on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, created a spat between France and Italy, and prompted eastern nations like Hungary and Poland to refuse to take in any migrants. Italy's new government will make any compromises on migration policy even more hard.

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