Published: Sun, June 24, 2018
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How AMC Theatres plans to compete with MoviePass

How AMC Theatres plans to compete with MoviePass

There are two other changes on the way that will probably be more palatable to MoviePass' customers.

MoviePass sandwiched the surge pricing news into a few other new features to soften the blow, including options to bring a friend or to see premium movies in IMAX or Real 3D for an additional fee. MoviePass purchases tickets at full price, then discounts them, with company leadership hoping to exploit the cheap subscription price to collect ostensibly profitable data on customer behavior. It expects to post a cash deficit of $45 million for the month of June, because MoviePass's subscriber base has been growing faster than expected and the "strong box office results of recently released films". MoviePass, in contrast, requires customers to buy their tickets at the theater on the same day of a showing, which can make it hard to get seats to a highly anticipated film on opening night.

In the meantime, you'll have to decide what movies are worth an extra 2 bucks to see this summer.

Starting in July, MoviePass will charge "high demand" pricing - on top of the monthly subscription plan - for movies it deems to be receiving high demand, according to Business Insider. Both MoviePass plans allow subscribers to cancel at any time and can be used at any theater that accepts MasterCard. AMC is the largest theater chain in the world.

"AMC has repeatedly disparaged our model as a way to discourage our growth because all along they wanted to launch their own, more expensive plan", the company said on Twitter. You could also see all three films in the same day, which isn't an option with MoviePass since you're limited to one movie a day. "Thanks for making us look good AMC!" the tweet read.

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An AMC representative told The Verge the service isn't meant to compete with MoviePass.

Theatres on Wednesday unveiled AMC Stubs A-List, a $19.95 a month ticket service that allows members of its loyalty program AMC Stubs to see up to three movies per week. Subscribers can buy tickets day-of or in advance via the AMC website or mobile app.

AMC announced their new subscription service, Stubs A-List, on Thursday. That tracks with the upcoming 3D option, which Lowe said would be between $2 and $6 per ticket.

Their reasoning, according to their Terms of Service, is as follows: 'We hope this will encourage you to see new movies and enjoy something different!'

At the same time, MoviePass' financial woes continue.

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