Published: Mon, July 02, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

More details leak about Microsoft’s ‘new and disruptive’ dual-screen Surface device

More details leak about Microsoft’s ‘new and disruptive’ dual-screen Surface device

Microsoft's Andromeda has been showing up in a number of leaks recently, and it's reported that the device could be announced as early as late this year.

Talking about the device, Microsoft acknowledges the device as "It's a new pocketable Surface device form factor that brings together innovative new hardware and software experiences to create a truly personal and versatile computing experience". It's supposed to be released this year, so expect it to appear somewhere this Autumn. The device has a codename Andromeda and is going to include a dual-display design. Numerama had initially unveiled the codename Andromeda past year.

In the leaked documents, Andromeda has been described by Microsoft as a device that the company is secretly incubating internally. Many were disappointed when Microsoft decided not to proceed with that innovative design concept, but the company apparently never gave up on the idea of a dual screen mobile device. The Surface Pro has been successful on that front, and some companies - even Apple to an extent - is clearly emulating Microsoft's strategy now.

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Now, adding more fuel to the fire is Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Devices and one of the heads behind Surface products, Panos Panay who took to Twitter on Friday and posted a picture (see below) thanking LG display for the caricature. Renders (see below) created by David Breyers look nearly exactly like the current prototype's, according to The Verge's sources.

"It will blur the lines between mobile and stationary computing", says Microsoft.

It's possible Microsoft could choose to launch the device alongside the next major Windows 10 Update, likely to be called the Fall Creators Update 2018, this September.

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