Published: Tue, July 03, 2018
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Neighbor Calls Cops on 12-Year-Old Boy Mowing Lawn

Neighbor Calls Cops on 12-Year-Old Boy Mowing Lawn

"They said I was cutting their grass", Reggie told the outlet.

Reginald Fields holding a leaf blower.

But they didn't expect to have the police called on them. After hiring them, Holt went on Facebook Live, praising the children for their work.

The neighbor was reportedly mad because the boys mowed a patch of grass that sits between Holt's lawn and hers but, according to Holt, there is no fence separating the properties. The police show up.

"They said I was cutting their grass", Reggie, 12, said.

Holt-Colden was not surprised. "I didn't know it", Fields told reporters.

While the boy was cutting Lucille Holt's grass, her neighbors made a decision to punish the owner of Mr. Reggie's Lawn Cutting Service for mistakenly cutting a small section of their yard, which they told police. Holt said in this case, the responding officer told her to have the city come out to do a property inspection to determine the property line. She told The Washington Post that neighbors of various races live in the neighborhood but "I don't have any problems with any other neighbors".

Linda Krakora, who is white, lives in the house with her husband, Randy.

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She said that Holt-Colden and her family were the bad neighbours and that their relationship had become so tense that she now communicates with her through police.

"Just give me a call", Fields says.

The incident follows a series of videos highlighting police being called on African-Americans following an incident at Starbucks earlier this year when authorities arrested two men waiting on a business client in Philadelphia.

"Who does that? They call the police for everything". "I don't have an issue with colour or I would have moved years ago", she said.

Reggie, who is hoping to earn enough money to improve his equipment is happy to take on new customers, promising to be there on time too! Reggie said to reporters later on.

But although Holt feels blessed by the kindness, she also now fears for her safety after hearing knocks on her windows at night. "I raise my kids to respect adults".

Also on Friday while Reggie and friends were cutting Holt-Colden's grass again, Reggie got a visit from a professional landscaping team, The Grass Guys of Twinsburg, Ohio, to learn more about lawn care, said his mom, Brandy Marie Fields. She started an online fundraiser that garnered $US7,600 from almost 300 donors as of Saturday afternoon.

Reggie, who is going into 7th grade, plans to expand this business and will be buying rakes for autumn and snow shovels for the winter.

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