Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
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Instagram Model Posing For Photo Amidst School Of Sharks Bitten By Shark

Instagram Model Posing For Photo Amidst School Of Sharks Bitten By Shark

Katarina Zarutskie was holidaying in the Bahamas, with her boyfriend and his family last month when she made a decision to go swimming with nurse sharks in the marina, NBC reports.

Ms Zarutskie has permanent scarring from the attack. She claims she did not plan to post the photos to Instagram in the first place-and her account has, at the time of writing, gone private. She said she later learned that the risk of infection meant she could have lost her arm or her life. The college student had seen others swimming with the nurse sharks in the ocean on social media and knew she wanted to experience it. "It was a testament to how calm I stayed".

Since coming out of the water and reflecting on the situation, she added: "They are wild animals and it's an uncontrollable situation".

Seconds later, Zarutskie discovered why swimming with sharks on goal can be a risky idea. She was in the water as he boyfriend took photos as a shark latched onto her arm and dragged her underwater.

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Zarutskie has almost doubled her following on Instagram since her story came out; however, she has since made her account private, partly because she has "received a lot of rude and hateful comments from people that were saying ridiculous things", she told BBC. We're so glad she's okay.

A Perth woman was also attacked by nurse sharks last month with vision of the attack caught on camera. But not many can say they've actually been bit by a shark in the process. "Normally when they mistake a hand or fingers for a piece of food".

She did not swim with the sharks through a tour company or any organization that required payment, but, having grown up as a surfer in Southern California, she said she was not afraid to jump in the water near a marina. Zarutskie was able to break free and swim to the shore. It happened at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club in the Bahamas.

Speaking with 7News on Tuesday, Zarutskie showed the wrist injury she suffered when a nurse shark bit down on it earlier this summer.

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