Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
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The queen checked her watch while waiting for Donald Trump

The queen checked her watch while waiting for Donald Trump

According to Royal author Hugh Vickers, who spoke to AP, Trump and the first lady will not be expected to bow or curtsy to the Queen.

When the then USA president Barack Obama dropped in to see the Queen at Windsor Castle in 2016 - the day after her 90th birthday - he and Michelle Obama had lunch with the monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh in the castle's private dining room.

Much has been made on Twitter about Donald Trump not bowing to The Queen upon meeting her.

Elizabeth has now met every U.S. president since Dwight Eisenhower with the exception of Lyndon Johnson, who did not visit England while in office. Later, the editor of Royal Central, Charlie Proctor also mocked the situation by sharing a series of photographs showing how previous US Presidents were greeted by the Queen of England.

US President Donald Trump looked like "a delighted child" as he was pictured alongside the Queen inside Windsor Castle, a body language expert has said.

Trump was gracious about the British sovereign in a newspaper interview out Friday in which he attacked Prime Minister Theresa May's strategy on Brexit.

Donald and Melania Trump visited Windsor Castle on Friday for tea with Queen Elizabeth II, but it seems the U.S. president may have "insulted" Her Majesty. Of course, in 2009, during a Buckingham Palace reception before the G20 summit, Michelle sparked headlines by embracing the British royal - putting her arm around her as they chatted.

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Emerging reports suggest that the departing aides left due to their roles being merged into one - but speculation has been fuelled just one week after the government performed a dress rehearsal for the Queen's death under its code name, London Bridge.

Just one in three (35 per cent) thought the monarch should meet Trump, as opposed to half (49 per cent) who thought she should not.

Ahead of the tea, Trump complimented the Queen in the Sun, "I think she represents her country so well".

"She is a tremendous woman".

While Trump typically likes to take the lead, he appeared to follow the queen's direction, adjusting his pace to hers.

Trump did appear to notice, and in the video below you'll see that as she catches up with him, she gives the tiniest gesture with her hand, signaling to him to continue walking.

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