Published: Tue, July 17, 2018
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Brexit vote: Government defeats EU customs union bid

Brexit vote: Government defeats EU customs union bid

The European Research Group has proposed four amendments to the taxation bill, as it bids to pressure the Prime Minister back to a hard Brexit stance.

"The compromise plan that we have from Chequers doesn't achieve any of those".

"Brexit has sunk further into the Westminster quagmire tonight with the Government losing a key vote on medicines and scraping home on a vote on the Customs Union".

MPs are due to rise for the summer recess on July 24 but a motion tabled on Monday night would see the Commons rise on Thursday, with a vote pencilled in for Tuesday evening.

The ex-foreign secretary used a Daily Telegraph column to ominously say "I will resist - for now - the temptation to bang on about Brexit".

Markets expect the Bank of England to hike interest rates in August but the British currency has fallen 9 percent since April partly because of a dispute between May and members of her party who feel she wants to keep Britain too closely tied to Brussels.

Former worldwide development secretary Priti Patel, who is proposing one of four amendments to the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill, told BBC Radio 4's Westminster Hour the white paper had "many flaws around our independence and our ability to make free trade agreements".

Tuesday's legislation was technical in nature - focusing on converting trade deals between the European Union and third countries into bilateral deals with Britain, and was not originally meant to define new trade policy.

Vladimir Putin denies Russian Federation interfered in 2016 U.S. elections
Putin insisted the claims were "sheer nonsense ". "Diplomacy and engagement are better than hostility", Trump said. Trump declined to denounce Russia's interference and even appeared to pin the blame partially on the United States.

Facing defeat because of opposition from dozens of pro-Brexit MPs, the government agreed to changes, including a clause to toughen conditions over customs arrangements and another to ensure the United Kingdom is out of the EU's Value-Added Tax system.

And after seeing off a rebellion from the Brexiteers, the Prime Minister will today face a stand-off with the Remain wing of her party.

Treasury Parliamentary Private Secretary Scott Mann has handed his resignation in protest over the so-called "Chequers Deal".

The prime minister's office defended the government's decision, saying that it was still consistent with the previous government policy.

Prime Minister Theresa May faces potentially highly damaging attacks from both sides in parliament this week over plans for Britain's future trading relationship with the European Union after Brexit.

Twelve Conservative MPs rebelled against the government to vote for a proposal that would have kept the United Kingdom in the customs union if no alternative plan for frictionless trade with the EU had been agreed by January 2019. "There is absolutely no way that I'm voting for it".

"We urgently need to think again so that we have a workable strategy".

Meanwhile media reports in London said Monday opponents of May in her own Conservative Party are collecting signatures to force a vote of no confidence in her leadership.

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