Published: Tue, July 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Trump's Supreme Court nominee donated money to Ohio Democrat

Trump's Supreme Court nominee donated money to Ohio Democrat

Brett Kavanaugh spoke of honesty, truth and religion during his speech accepting President Trump's nomination to the Supreme Court.

The vacant seat, left by Judge Anthony Kennedy's impending retirement, has become a contentious topic as Kennedy represented a swing vote in the court that may be lost to a more conservative justices, leading to concerns regarding hot button issues, such as abortion rights and marriage equality.

Democrats have also called on McConnell to hold off on a confirmation vote until after the November midterm elections, which the majority leader has refused.

"I felt like his record was being misrepresented", Walker said in an interview, adding that he was speaking only about Kavanaugh's approach to the law, not his politics.

Of the 48 clerks, 34 signed a letter calling for the Senate to confirm his appointment.

Cop fatally shot after suspect attacks him with rock, steals gun
Chesna his life is expected to be made public Monday as the person allegedly responsible for both deaths heads to court. Weymouth Police Chief Richard Grimes has identified the shooting suspect as Emanuel Lopes, and says he's in custody.

Sullivan described the meeting was constructive and "an important opportunity for Judge Kavanaugh to reaffirm what I've known about him for some time".

Only 50 votes are needed to confirm Kavanaugh, after Republicans eliminated the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees a year ago.

The majority of Americans support Roe V. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court case that established the legal right to an abortion, a new poll has found.

Another clerk, Justin Walker, wrote an article in another conservative publication, The Federalist, defending Kavanaugh against criticism from the right about a 2011 opinion he wrote concerning Democratic former President Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare law. But they said the senators who examine the nominee on Judiciary Committee and the American public "should be aware of the important work Judge Kavanaugh has done to remedy those disparities".

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