Published: Thu, July 19, 2018
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Boris Johnson warns Theresa May to ditch 'miserable' Brexit plans

Boris Johnson warns Theresa May to ditch 'miserable' Brexit plans

But he denounced the plan agreed at Chequers and set out in the PM's white paper last week as a "Brexit in name only" which would leave the United Kingdom in a state of "vassalage".

Miserable, permanent limboIt is not too late to save Brexit.

"Theresa May is in a more hard position than I was", he told ITV News.

But, Johnson said, "in the 18 months that have followed, it is though a fog of self-doubt has descended" on the government.

Theresa May did, however, lose a key Brexit vote in the Commons for only the second time when MPs tonight voted in favour of remaining in the European medicines regulatory framework.

By prevailing in Tuesday's vote, she avoided for now the prospect of having to go back on her word that Britain will not be part of any customs union after leaving the EU - something that would have enraged the pro-Brexit wing of her party.

The bill gives the government the power to set up new worldwide trade relationships after Britain leaves the European Union next March.

Johnson said he was fully supportive of Prime Minister Theresa May in January 2017 when she laid out in an ambitious speech a desire to strike the right deal for Britain with the European Union after a majority of the public supported the break in a referendum months earlier.

After narrowly escaping defeat in parliament over her plans for leaving the EU, May signalled she would not drop a proposal on Britain's future relationship with bloc - the biggest shift in its foreign and trade policy for nearly half a century.

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Economists had been expecting the recent rise in oil prices to push up petrol prices and boost the rate of inflation. On the other hand, prices for vegetables grew 8.12 percent in June as compared with a growth of 2.51 percent in May.

Supporters of Hammond's new clause, which was backed by MPs from the main opposition Labor Party, were given hope of success when the government lost a vote on another aspect of its EU Trade Bill by just a handful of votes, 305 against 301 for the government.

An unconvincing election victory and lingering Brexit anxieties have been exacerbated by Michael Fallon's recent Cabinet resignation; while Priti Patel and Boris Johnson have also made serious mistakes.

"I always have to look you all in the eye and tell you that I have done what I believe is right for the country and our Party".

Tuesday's rebellions by Tory Remainers were prompted by Mrs May bowing to the demands of Conservative Brexiteers on Monday, when the prime minister accepted their amendments to the government's separate customs bill. "We have to have a compromise position that enables the country to get an agreement with the European Union", trade minister Liam Fox told BBC radio.

Mr Johnson added that the United Kingdom should aim for the vision of "a strong independent, self-governing Britain" set out at Lancaster House, not the "miserable, permanent limbo" of Chequers.

"That was the vision of Brexit that we fought for", he said.

"We dithered and we burned through our negotiating capital", he told MPs.

But the government's approach to securing victory in parliament has not only deepened divisions in her party, but also raised the issue of trust.

'If 48 such letters are sent a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister amongst Conservative MPs will take place.

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