Published: Thu, July 19, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

"It's not too late to save Brexit", Johnson tells United Kingdom parliament

Boris Johnson criticised Theresa May's "fog of self-doubt" and her government's "dithering" over Brexit in a sombre resignation speech yesterday. His standing in Trump's orbit was damaged by the publication of a book about the Trump White House by the author Michael Wolff but he has since positioned himself again as a leading voice on the United States far right.

He argued that the problem was not that Britain had failed to make the case to Brussels for an ambitious free trade deal, but "we haven t even tried". "We can't make assumptions that the withdrawal agreement will get through Westminster", Mr. Varadkar told Irish media on Wednesday.

"This is Brexit in name only", Johnson said of the plans that May agreed with most of her Cabinet at her country retreat called Chequers.

Johnson, who led the main Brexit campaign in the 2016 referendum, resigned this month over May's strategy, triggering the government's biggest crisis since she lost her parliamentary majority after calling a snap election a year ago.

While Johnson was delivering his speech May was along the corridor in the Houses of Parliament facing a grilling from a liaison committee, made up of every chair of every House of Commons select committee. "Worst of all we allowed the question of the Northern Ireland border to dominate the debate". The Brexit "dream is dying", he said, and Britain was heading for the status of a "colony".

Asked if now was the moment for Johnson to lead the country, Bannon, who was sacked by the White House in August 2017, said: "I believe moments come".

Russian-Americans in Brooklyn hopeful after Trump-Putin summit
President Donald Trump in Helsinki on Monday. "We don't have anything on them, and there can't be anything on them", Putin said. House Speaker Paul Ryan , the top Republican in Congress, said Russian Federation undoubtedly interfered in the 2016 election.

"We need to take one decision now before all others and that is to believe in this country and what it can do". "Let us again aim explicitly for that glorious vision of Lancaster House. not the miserable permanent limbo of Chequers". "That was the vision that the Prime Minister rightly described past year".

“We continue to make the fatal mistake of underestimating the intelligence of the public, ” Mr. Johnson warned his fellow parliamentarians, “saying one thing to the European Union about what we are doing, and then saying another thing to the electorate.”.

"A very well delivered speech from Boris but it is hopeless to expect Mrs May to deliver on any of it", said Mr Farage.

On Friday The Telegraph said Johnson had re-joined the newspaper as a columnist with effect from Monday.

Before his appearance there had been parallels drawn with a speech in similar circumstance in 1990 by Sir Geoffrey Howe, another former foreign secretary, that destroyed the career of Margaret Thatcher.

Here the ex-foreign minister invited his listeners to cast their imaginations back to the British hey-day of innovation and competitiveness that marked the zenith of its industrial revolution, and to once more “do proper free trade deals for the benefit and prosperity of the British people.”.

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