Published: Mon, August 06, 2018
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Italian police: Highway Explosion Leaves 1 Dead, Up To 70 Injured

Italian police: Highway Explosion Leaves 1 Dead, Up To 70 Injured

A major explosion on a highway in Bologna, Italy, has left at least one dead and up to 70 people injured, the Associated Press reports.

The explosion was reportedly caused by an accident involving a truck that was transporting flammable substances.

Video footage filmed from a auto which had stopped a short distance away shows a huge plume of dense black smoke - followed by a thunderous explosion and fire ball which rocks the vehicle.

More than a dozen people were seriously injured, local media said, including police officers and carabinieri (military police).

Firefighters and ambulances headed to the scene.

Fire in Bologna
Fire raging on the motorway outside Bologna

Firefighters said the flames were extinguished some three hours after the explosion, and they were working to cool the area to facilitation operations, ANSA reported.

The city's airport is around 3.7 miles north-west of the city centre in northern Italy's Emilia-Romagna region.

While the cause of the explosion is yet to be ascertained, local reports suggest a vehicle collision on the highway.

Videos of the blast site showed flames shooting up in the air, followed by a thick cloud of black smoke.

Italian news channel Sky TG24 reported that some of the injured people had been hit by flying glass when windows in nearby buildings exploded.

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