Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
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Council wants to remove Trump star from Walk of Fame

Council wants to remove Trump star from Walk of Fame

They also need approval from the Los Angeles City Council and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

John Duran, West Hollywood's impossibly ripped Mayor, confirmed the resolution was passed by unanimous vote. The fate of his star rests upon a vote to be held by the West Hollywood City Council this week, but not for the reason you think. "I think the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce can really take a stand against him right now by removing his star".

The West Hollywood City Council unanimously approved a resolution Monday night urging that President Donald Trump's star be removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The City of West Hollywood wants it gone, and Star Wars'Mark Hamill knows what to do with it: Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame should be replaced by one for Hamill's late co-star Carrie Fisher.

When asked by Spectrum News, an official at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce referred us to the original news release on the vandalism of Trump's star. It argues that there are a number of "disturbing instances concerning Trump's treatment of women" - including the Access Hollywood tape where Trump can be heard making "disparaging remarks" about women. The star was repaired, but that didn't stop people from defacing it with swastikas and other forms of graffiti, including a wall built around the star.

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In 2015, it rejected a request to remove the star of Bill Cosby, the once beloved comedian now convicted of sexual assault. Thanks to a not-so-well-known tradition, there is a mandatory mourning period of five years before a departed famous person can be honored with a star.

"Earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an honour".

USA president Trump received his star, located on Hollywood Boulevard in 2007 for his accomplishments in the entertainment industry, namely as host of "The Apprentice".

The MAGA heads weighed in on the City Council's proposal immediately of course, professing their undying support for the president.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce released a statement after the most recent vandalism of Trump's star on July 25, saying it hopes people "would project their anger in more positive ways".

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