Published: Sat, August 11, 2018
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Schuette, Whitmer win primaries in gubernatorial races

Schuette, Whitmer win primaries in gubernatorial races

The nominations of Whitmer, a former legislative leader who will face Republican state Attorney General Bill Schuette, and Democratic state Sen.

Libertarians also had a choice for governor on the primary ticket, for the first time in Michigan's history. Whitmer will face Republican Bill Schuette in November. Calley, who was supported by Snyder but withdrew his support for Trump in 2016, touted economic gains under their watch and accused Schuette of illegally misusing his office to advance his political career and wrongly prosecuting top state officials for Flint's water crisis.

Schuette, 64, received congratulatory calls from Trump and Vice President Mike Pence after he beat Lt. Gov. Brian Calley - a close partner with Snyder - conservative state Sen.

"She was the most liberal member of the Michigan Legislature". "Michigan was the place that people used to move to from all around the world", she said, adding that at a time when some people want to build walls, "we in MI are going to get back to building bridges".

Republicans say they expected higher Democratic turnout. He pointed to his June poll of likely November voters that showed 57 percent were extremely interested in the election and extremely motivated to vote, but among Democratic women it was 67 percent.

Another Democratic running is businessman Shri Thanedar.

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He noted that more Democrats than Republicans voted in suburban Detroit's Oakland and Macomb counties, key bellwethers in statewide general elections.

Schuette also thanked his competitors in the Republican party for their commitment to the state and their service to MI.

"Women leaders use our platforms and our power to make sure that we are being representative, that we are making decisions with all voices around the table", Whitmer said.

In choosing Whitmer, Michigan voters opted for a known quantity; a former state legislator, she was first elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2000.

In recent days Whitmer had leaned in to her front-runner status, refusing to mention her primary opponents on the campaign trail and admonishing campaign crowds to not take anything for granted. Patrick Colbeck and Dr. Jim Hines in the GOP primary.

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