Published: Sun, August 12, 2018
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Pence calls for Space Force to be established by 2020

Pence calls for Space Force to be established by 2020

The Department of Defense provided a report to Congress calling for the creation of US Space Command, and officials told CNN that the command would likely include existing military resources and personnel, like the US Air Force's Space Command. In addition to angry comments denouncing the very idea and several attempts at memes, the responses contained alternate proposals for a Space Force logo - including the Federation symbol from Star Trek and the Galactic Empire logo from Star Wars.

In the video, the President continued: 'We may even have a Space Force.

Critics, however, have hit back at the announcement saying it's expensive and unnecessary.

Pence cited new threats the U.S. faces in space, particularly from Russian Federation and China.

"I'm against having a separate entity, a sixth branch of the military space force for a number of reasons", James began.

US President Donald Trump announced the creation of the Space Force in March, when he called space "a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air, and sea".

The report to be released today represents a critical step toward establishing the Space Force, he said. But support for the plan within Congress and the military establishment has been far from unanimous. The U.S. and Canada share responsbility for the defence of the continent through the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), through which the two countries are obliged to share intelligence, information, and technology.

Pregnant mother and child killed as conflict between Israel, Hamas escalates
The Israeli army has killed at least 158 Palestinians during those protests, and a Gaza sniper killed an Israeli soldier. Israel denied there was a truce, but a senior Israeli official told Israel Radio that "quiet would be met with quiet".

The Pentagon proposal delivered to Congress Thursday lays out plans to consolidate the Pentagon's warfighting space forces and make organizational changes to boost the acquisition and development of leading edge technologies.

Russia's space forces control important radar and missile sites and have partial responsibility for locations from which rockets are launched into space.

Would a Space Force fighter have to battle ALF?

Tweeting, he said: "The next generation of Americans to confront the emerging threats in the boundless expanse of space will be wearing the uniform of the United States of America". "The Space Force will grow the world's most capable national security space workforce".

He Qisong, a space security expert in Shanghai, said China should try to ease United States anxiety by making diplomatic efforts to prevent the militarisation of space and opening its Tiangong-2 space station to the global community.

Democratic Senator Brian Schatz, who is on the Defense Appropriations subcommittee, said the Space Force was a 'dumb idea'.

We must have American dominance in space.

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