Published: Fri, August 17, 2018
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Musk proposes Los Angeles tunnel to Dodger Stadium

Musk proposes Los Angeles tunnel to Dodger Stadium

The Boring Company, which is one of the Tesla and SpaceX chief's other projects, already has a test tunnel in nearby Hawthorne and has won a bid for an underground shuttle service between O'Hare Airport and downtown Chicago.

Dubbed the Dugout Loop, the company boasts the proposed high-speed rail will transport up to 16 passengers at a time at speeds as high as 150 miles per hour - all with zero emissions and "zero taxpayer dollars".

Although The Boring Company claims that this tunnel could alleviate traffic to Dodger Stadium during games and concerts, the tunnel will only be one-way, so the company will have to stage numerous eight- to 16-person electric skates that run through the tunnel before a game or it will have to pause outbound trips to bring more electric skates to the western terminal.

The 3.6 mile tunnel would pick up fans from one of three stops on the Metro Red Line west of the stadium and drop them off in the stadium parking lot, costing only $1. The system will only operate during games and special events.

The underground line is the latest eye-opening - or eye-rolling - concept introduced by Musk's The Boring Company.

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Its Dugout Loop would allow people to get from the Red Line of LA's Metro Rail to the stadium without having to face the city's dreaded traffic, the Elon Musk-owned company said in a tweet Wednesday.

If the plan is approved, it would take as long as 14 months to build, the company said, though it expects it would be "much less".

The Boring Company says that after it constructs the body of the tunnel, it will install concrete guideway shelves to keep the electric skates on track. The Boring Company will pay for all construction itself, without funding from the city. The initial documents are available for public review through September 17, and a public meeting will be held at Dodger Stadium on August 28.

"We were excited when the Boring Company came to us with this project,"said Tucker Kain, CFO of the Los Angeles Dodgers, in a statement". In addition to its pursuit of infrastructure projects in Los Angeles and other major cities, the company has sold branded hats and flamethrowers to raise money.

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