Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Erdogan urges Russia, Iran to stop 'disaster' in Idlib

Erdogan urges Russia, Iran to stop 'disaster' in Idlib

Recall, the Assad regime supported by Russian Federation and Iran is preparing an attack on the last enclave of the Syrian rebels under the guise of "fighting terrorists".

The UN has estimated 800,000 people could be displaced by an attack.

Residents were said to be preparing themselves ahead of expected offensives on Syria's last rebel stronghold.

At the summit in Tehran, Erdogan, Russia's Vladimir Putin and Iran's Hassan Rouhani agreed in a statement that there could be no military solution to the conflict and it could only end through a negotiated political process.

Sinirlioğlu warned "an all-out military operation would result in a major humanitarian catastrophe".

Turkey, which has sent troops to Idlib and supports some of the armed groups, called for "an immediate ceasefire" and urged "the global community to vocally and actively support our efforts to this end".

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the fighters died in clashes with the militants on Monday night in the Safaa region in the Syrian desert.

Last week's summit in Tehran between the three sides did not produce any agreement, as Iran and Russian Federation rejected Turkey's call for a continued ceasefire in the rebel bastion.

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It has been the target in recent days of artillery bombing by the regime forces of President Bashar al-Assad, as well as Russian airstrikes.

"From there, they raided weapons stocks and ever since have been among the most potent factions in the north, so they're not a joke", says Heller.

Washington claims that the Syrian government forces may carry out a chemical weapons attack in Idlib and warned that such actions will have serious consequences.

The regime has twice been targeted by United States air and missile strikes after previous alleged chemical attacks. Whatever the USA promises them, Kurds must look back and understand how they were betrayed by the USA in the last hundred years. "The world will hold them responsible", she told the Security Council.

Trump has twice ordered US -led strikes against targets in Syria in response to what Washington called the Assad government's use of chemical weapons against civilians.

One source close to the White House told Al-Monitor that the USA administration was resigned to the Syrian offensive and acknowledged there were few options to stop it.

Some three million people are living in Idlib, half of them Syrians who have fled from other parts of the country.

Over two million people live in the zone now, hundreds of thousands of them already displaced by the brutal seven-year war and others heavily dependent on humanitarian aid to survive.

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