Published: Sat, September 15, 2018
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United Kingdom motorists need to take European Union test in no-deal Brexit

United Kingdom motorists need to take European Union test in no-deal Brexit

The government played down fears that holidaymakers would be hit with swingeing roaming charges for using mobile phone in the EU.

And the government is proposing to cap any data charges at £45 a month.

However, British citizens would be saved from hefty mobile roaming charges, the United Kingdom government promised.

He said: "No, I can't give a cast-iron guarantee".

Mr Russell said: "Although the Scottish Government is doing everything within its power to protect Scotland as best we can, these technical notices make plain the crippling costs and needless red tape that a "no-deal" scenario will bring".

Holidaymakers, lorry drivers and other business travellers may need International Driving Permits (IDP) if the European Union does not agree to recognise United Kingdom licences, guidance released on Thursday says.

Brexit minister Dominic Raab said a no-deal Brexit was unlikely, but that the United Kingdom would manage the challenges and eventually flourish.

Extra charges for phone calls, texts, and data usage on mobile phones was eliminated by the European Union in June 2017.

But a technical paper released by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) went further, warning the United Kingdom would "no longer play any part in the development of Galileo" or the related European Geostationary Navigation Overlay (EGNO) system. Subject to Parliamentary approval, the government would also introduce legislation to ensure that mobile operators keep sending alerts at 80 percent and 100 percent data usage.

Erdogan urges Russia, Iran to stop 'disaster' in Idlib
The regime has twice been targeted by United States air and missile strikes after previous alleged chemical attacks. Some three million people are living in Idlib, half of them Syrians who have fled from other parts of the country.

Alongside the divorce deal will come a political statement on plans for a future trade deal, but there are important differences between London and Brussels on both issues.

"And even in the event of a no-deal Brexit, it's not to say there will be nothing done".

Ministers believe the chances of there being no agreement are now relatively small. He might, however, seek further guidance from leaders during the meeting.

Find more information on the People's Vote campaign here.

It added that leaving without a deal would not prevent United Kingdom mobile operators making and honouring commercial arrangements with mobile operators in the EU.

Director general Carolyn Fairbairn said: "Efforts on all sides should be geared towards securing the withdrawal agreement to protect the transition period".

Mr Russell also raised concerns about driving licences.

The government says the current process for getting one type of permit over the counter at the 90 post offices it is available at "takes around five minutes on a turn-up-and-go basis".

"If that happens then the queues of HGVs in Kent will make the jams seen in the summer of 2015 appear as little more than waiting for the traffic lights to change", it adds.

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