Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Tennis Umpires Mulling Boycott Of Serena Williams Matches

Tennis Umpires Mulling Boycott Of Serena Williams Matches

When Ellen asked Osaka what Serena whispered in her ear at that moment, Osaka smiled.

"Coaching is common, a lot of people are doing it, some people aren't getting called for it".

Tennis umpires are reportedly considering a boycott of matches involving Serena Williams after her incident with chair umpire Carlos Ramos at the U.S. open final, according to the United Kingdom paper The Times.

Tennis umpires are reportedly threatening to boycott Serena Williams' matches over the fallout from her US Open finals altercation with Carlos Ramos.

Clay Travis heavily refutes Serena's claims and called out the media for openly accepting and promoting extremely delicate and inflammable accusations that immorally stir up the worst parts of our society, especially when baseless in nature.

Deep divisions in British politics with just 200 days to Brexit
She is aiming to strike a deal with Brussels by autumn, that will then be voted on by MPs in Britain, and the EU27. Once a deal is reached, it has to go to the United Kingdom parliament and the European Parliament for approval.

She described Williams' behavior on court as "out of line". "It's because I am a woman, and that's not right".

The third and final violation came when Williams called Ramos a "liar" and "thief" - a verbal abuse violation, which cost her a game penalty in the second set of the match. Williams was left baffled, furious, and in tears, by a decision she says was grounded in sexism.

The biggest fine in which women were fined for more than men, coaching, is the one that Williams picked up her first penalty for during her loss to Naomi Osaka - which sparked the other two penalties. "With a combination of grit and grace, Naomi Osaka is not afraid to take on the best tennis players of our time and win", said Asako Hoshino, Nissan's senior vice president, in a statement. Most of those criticisms - largely made by men - were valid, but they chose to ignore Williams' experience as a black woman.

Tennis icon Billie Jean King said she believes tennis applies a double standard to women compared with men, and a similar outburst by a male player would have drawn no repercussions. In fact, this is the sort of behaviour that nobody should be engaging in on the court. Even though she spends a lot of her time away from Japan, Osaka is proud of her mixed-race heritage and representing her country through tennis. Vox outlined years of these attacks in a comprehensive 2017 article: "At the same time she's being celebrated, she's targeted with outrageous racist and sexist comments". "But we have no doubt that Carlos was just enforcing the rules as he sees them".

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