Published: Wed, September 19, 2018
Medicine | By Earnest Bishop

What can Apple’s newest smartwatch do if you fall down?

What can Apple’s newest smartwatch do if you fall down?

The new Apple Watch claims to be able to tell the difference between a trip and a fall - and when the latter occurs, it will suggest calling 911 (or the equivalent outside the U.S.).

At the launch of the new Apple Watch 4, it was a bit of a scrum to get some decent hands on time with the device (especially against the backdrop of grabbing time with three new iPhones as well).

It will also detect Atrial Fibrillation (Afib), which is an abnormal heartbeat.

Basically, I was totally wrong when I wrote about the ECG function.

Dual-core 64 bit processor, a new GPU that will give this watch twice the previous performance. The Verge has details as well.

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He's also in charge of Apple's burgeoning health department.

Much has been made since the unveiling this week of the new Apple Watch, which sports an abundance of health-focused features like its fall-detection and the ability to take an electrocardiogram. That the readings you get on your watch shouldn't be regarded as a definitive medical diagnosis. This feature has been developed for the sole objective of helping older Apple fans to detect heart problems and according to Swiss watch experts, Watch Series 4 is looking to become Apple's bestselling wearable device. Apple's online store is now offline in preparation for the influx of consumers pre-ordering Apple's new iPhone models and the new Apple Watch.

Gartner analyst Tuong Nguyen said the feature could turn smartwatches "from something people buy for prestige into something they buy for more practical reasons". Pre-orders are available today through many retailers, but you will not find many Apple Watch 4 deals right now. It should be mentioned that the Apple ECG App won't be available until the end of 2018. If Apple Watch senses immobility for 60 seconds after the notification, it will automatically call emergency services and send a message along with the location to emergency contacts.

He said iPhone Xs is not one, but two new iPhone models, and iPhone Xs Max offers the biggest display ever in an iPhone with the biggest battery ever in an iPhone, delivering up to an hour and a half more battery life.

In the development of new features of smart phones, Apple has relied on technology of facial recognition Face ID, and Samsung - on the thumbprint scanner in the display, which appears only in Galaxy S10 in 2019.

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