Published: Sat, September 22, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

People line up for new iPhone Xs in Houston

People line up for new iPhone Xs in Houston

Maybe that extra surface area has made the iPhone Xs Max weaker than the previous version.

Skimming through my Twitter timeline after the iPhone XS review embargo lifted earlier this week (I refuse to read reviews of a product until after I've reviewed it), I got the impression that the iPhone XS Max was too big for most reviewers. It's marginally smaller than the Samsung Note 9, despite having an ever-so-slightly larger display.

TechSmartt dropped the iPhone X (last year's model), the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max from an unofficial pocket height, head height and around 10 feet onto a tennis court.

The XS Max battery uses two cells and has a larger 12.08 Wh capacity. Considering most Android flagships have battery capacities in the 3300-4000 mAh range and SoC efficiency is getting better every year, road warriors may want to look outside of Cupertino for their next phone.

Apple's iPhone XS and XS Max are finally finding their way into the hands of eager buyers willing to part with a minimum of $999 for the opportunity. The XS Max, on the other hand, retains the two-cell system from the X, with a 3,179mAh battery. Swiping down from the top right opens the control center (which closes with a swipe down). As frustrating as that is, iOS does offer a workaround. But for less than half as much, you can still get a good camera, a decent-sized screen and other popular features.

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It's no surprise to see Apple rivals come up with ways to mock the iPhone just as a new models launch, and the same happened this year.

To use Reachability on modern iPhones, you need to place a finger at the bottom of the display and quickly swipe down. This brings the screen down to where everything is a thumb's length away.

There was one thing Apple forgot to mention about the new camera: all that 32% had to go somewhere, and it turns out the camera bump had to grow a little-your iPhone X case may not fit your iPhone XS. The phone costs £639 instead of £739, while the iPhone XS starts at £999.

A seven-layer colour process gives the glass back lovely nuanced hues, and the aluminium band and camera trim are colour matched to give a sophisticated finish.

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