Published: Sat, September 22, 2018
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Savvy Senior: Which flu shot is right for you?

Savvy Senior: Which flu shot is right for you?

So far, the current vaccine appears to be a good match with strains that have been circulating, he said. The flu-like-illness activity increased in November, "reached an extended period of high activity during January and February nationally, and remained elevated through the end of March", the CDC reported.

Johnson says even if you miss getting the flu shot before you trick or treat, you can still get it before Christmas or the new year and it still be effective to last the rest of the season. An Emirates aircraft landed at the airport carrying several passengers and crew members who had flu-like symptoms, according to The Associated Press.

To help, all CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic locations have the vaccine available seven days a week with no appointment needed.

Reed said the vaccine contains viruses that have been "inactivated" and thus can't cause influenza. Myerson said the shot is the inactivated version and anyone 6 months and older can receive it, and they cannot contract the flu from it.

A flu vaccine is needed every season for two reasons.

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In addition to the quadrivalent flu vaccine, the health department will soon be offering the high-dose flu vaccine for $70 per dose. If you have any allergies or underlying medical conditions, make sure to check in with your doctor to determine which vaccines are safe for you this year.

Medical director of DHD No. 4, Dr. Joshua Myerson, said it is recommended that anyone 6 months in age and older be vaccinated.

Some school districts, such as in Palm Beach County, have already started social media campaigns to spread awareness of the coming flu season and have begun programs to offer shots for children.

The fee for the high dose flu vaccine will be $61. In order to get the nasal spray vaccine, however, you need to meet some criteria. Since the vaccine takes about two weeks to kick in, DPH officials say it is important to get vaccinated as early as possible to give your body time to build immunity. But the CDC counsels that children are a special concern. A recent study showed that an adult who got ill in spite of getting vaccinated had a 59 percent lower chance of being admitted to an intensive care unit than someone who did not get vaccinated. More information can be found in the infographic below.

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