Published: Sun, September 23, 2018
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Graham: 'Not going to ruin' Kavanaugh over Ford's accusation

Graham: 'Not going to ruin' Kavanaugh over Ford's accusation

That response seemed a setback to Ford supporters' efforts to corroborate her claim.

Grassley then opted to give the Professor Ford's more time, until 2:30 PM today to come to sort of agreement.

Terms of their appearances are still being negotiated, but several details have been resolved.

"To the extent one wants to call this a trade war, we are determined to win it", Pompeo said of Trump's escalating tariffs on Chinese imports. Ford herself accounted for that discrepancy by saying that four boys were at the party, but only two of them had followed her upstairs and assaulted her while the other two boys remained downstairs, unaware of what was taking place.

Republicans on the committee and Ford's lawyers had disagreed on numerous counts.

But they want to resume negotiations over the exact terms of her appearance.

Based on Debra Katz's request for more time to discuss specifics, it does not appear that they will actually testify under the proposed plan by the Senate Judiciary Committee. They could also use staff attorneys to the Republican majority on the committee.

Earlier Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said lawyers for Ford are contesting two GOP conditions - that Ford and Kavanaugh will be the only witnesses and that an independent counsel will ask the questions.

Trump's searing reproach defied the Senate Republican strategy, and the advice of White House aides, of not disparaging Ford while firmly defending his nominee and the tight timetable for confirming him. "I'm providing a notice of a vote to occur Monday in the event that Dr. Ford's attorneys don't respond or Dr. Ford decides not to testify".

The woman whose sexual assault allegation threatens to bring down President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee has agreed to testify in the Senate, her lawyers said on Saturday according to U.S. media.

In a tweet, Ed Whelan, the president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and, according to The Washington Post, a strategist helping Kavanaugh navigate claims of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford, said he "takes full responsibility for that mistake, and I deeply apologize for it".

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The lawyers said many aspects of Grassley's latest offer were "fundamentally inconsistent" with the committee's promise of a "fair, impartial investigation".

This is a person that is gonna be sitting on our Supreme Court, making decisions that will impact women's reproductive choice.

"You watched the fight, you watched the tactics, but here is what I want to tell you - in the very near future, Judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court", McConnell told the Value Voters Summit, drawing a standing ovation.

The vice president says the way that some Democrats have conducted themselves during the confirmation process "is a disgrace and a disservice to the Senate and the American people".

At this point, there is no sound reason to believe Ford's tale.

Pence made no reference to Christine Blasey Ford, whose accusations about Kavanaugh's behavior 35 years ago have roiled the confirmation.

The Judiciary panel's top Democrat expressed fury at Grassley's negotiating position with Ford and maintained Democrats' effort to build the battle into a larger election-year question about the treatment of women.

A spokesman for GOP Sen.

The curious tweet Friday night in which Sen.

The brinkmanship over whether Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's accuser will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee has come to a standstill, for now.

"Its sole objective is to bully Dr Ford and deprive her of the ability to make a considered decision that has life-altering implications for her and her family", the professor's lawyer Debra Katz said on Friday evening, asking for another day to decide.

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