Published: Mon, September 24, 2018
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ISIS video claims to show attackers of Iranian military parade

ISIS video claims to show attackers of Iranian military parade

Yaghub Hur Totsari, spokesman for one of the two groups that identify themselves as the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz, said the Ahvaz National Resistance, an umbrella organisation of all armed movements, was behind the attack but did not specify which group.

"The sponsor of all these small mercenary countries in the region is America".

Iran's president on Sunday accused an unnamed USA ally of being behind a terror attack on a military parade that killed 25 people and wounded 70. Women and children fled for their lives along with soldiers as gunfire crackled.

However ISIS also claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the group's Amaq agency.

Iran summoned diplomats from Britain, Denmark and the Netherlands early Sunday for allegedly harboring "members of the terrorist group" that launched the attack.

"The United States stands with the Iranian people and encourages the regime in Tehran to focus on keeping them safe at home", Marquis said in an emailed statement.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif said the assault was the handiwork of "regional terror sponsors" and "their USA masters".

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif later called the message "repugnant".

Members of the terror group, he said, had lived inside Iraq for years but Iran granted them amnesty after the end of the Iraqi-imposed war in 1988.

The attack killed at least 25 people and wounded 60, according to the state-run IRNA news agency. It said gunmen wore military uniforms and targeted a riser where military and police commanders were sitting.

Iran's leaders have blamed the attack on the United States.

For years, Iran has held up the elite force, which answers directly to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as an impenetrable bulwark against external threats.

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The attack came four months after President Donald Trump withdrew from the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, against the advice of the global community and the wishes of 63 percent of the American public.

Since then, the U.S. has brought sanctions back into place, despite opposition from European Union partners, China and Russian Federation, and warned that anyone trading with Iran would also be punished.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News on Sunday that Mr Trump was willing to meet top Iranian officials for talks.

But later, state media and government officials seemed to come to the consensus that Arab separatists in the region were responsible.

Some Arabs, one of two main ethnic groups in the province alongside Persians, complain of systematic discrimination and demand Independence from what they describe as an "Persian occupation".

Iran and Saudi Arabia support opposite sides in wars in Syria and Yemen and rival political parties in Iraq and Lebanon, fuelling instability in the Middle East. But several Iranian leaders, including Rouhani, have suggested not only their rival Gulf State neighbors including Saudi Arabia, but the US were behind the violence.

Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the United Nations, rejected Rouhani's accusations.

Iran's Foreign Ministry summoned the United Arab Emirates' charge d'affaires on Sunday over comments made about the bloody fusillade at the military parade.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said Iran "asked their governments to condemn the attack and extradite people linked to it to Iran to be put on trial". However, some analysts suggested that the scale of the attack merited a response from a senior USA figure.

The self-styled "Islamic State" has also claimed responsibility for the attack but like the other militant group, it did not provide any evidence.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) have been the sword and shield of Shi'ite clerical rule since Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution.

- July 15, 2010: Twin suicide bombings in a crowded Shiite mosque in Zahedan, capital of Sistan-Baluchistan, kill at least 28 people and wound more than 250.

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