Published: Wed, September 26, 2018
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Whale in the UK's River Thames

Whale in the UK's River Thames

Coalhouse Fort is in Essex, located in East Tilbury and east of Gravesend.

He said the beluga had been feeding around barges on the river for about an hour and had not moved more than 200 metres in either direction.

Photos posted on Twitter appeared to show a white whale in the water.

Despite wonderful some people, the beluga whale sighting has left others concerned for its health.

Beluga whales are identified by distinctive white markings and are typically found farther north, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation group said.

Another said: "Almost unbelievably, it would seem that there is now a beluga whale in the Thames".

The RSPCA said: "We are working with other agencies to monitor the situation and ready to provide appropriate assistance if requested", it said.

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The WDC's Danny Groves told the UK Press Association, "He or she is obviously very lost and quite possibly in trouble". Please give the whale space!'

They are considered "extremely sociable mammals" and live in pods.

After British Divers Marine Life Rescue were alerted, they confirmed the sighting, noting that the whale seemed to be "swimming strongly".

In 2006, a northern bottle-nosed whale up to 18ft-long (5m) became stranded in the Thames for two days.

"We certainly don't want people trying to rescue it", she added.

Mr Groves said it was not the first time a beluga has been spotted in United Kingdom waters in recent years.

The last sighting in United Kingdom waters was in 2015 when they were spotted off northeastern England near the Northumberland coastline, but they left shortly afterwards, she added.

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