Published: Fri, October 05, 2018
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Cal Thomas: Trump promised to put American interests first - he wasn’t kidding

Cal Thomas: Trump promised to put American interests first - he wasn’t kidding

"It's charging the Canadian consumer a lot for the butter and giving that to dairy farmers, but pricing the powder very low has meant the Canadian consumer has paid the price...and we also have to because we are having to compete".

China has responded to Trump's decision to levy tariffs on $250 billion of its exports with its own tariffs on USA goods, including soybeans and other agricultural products.

"Regrettably we found that China has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election coming up in November against my administration", he said. "That to me really hurts".

What we do know is that this deal is a giant step backwards for people, communities and the environment and will encourage more warming of our planet.

Canadian dairy farmers stand to lose 3.59 per cent of their market to USA producers under the new trade deal, known as USMCA.

For example, under the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership - with 10 countries including Mexico, Japan and Australia - dairy farmers ceded 3.25 per cent of the market.

Furthermore, Canada has ensured that any US Section 232 tariffs will not impact Canadian automobile and auto-parts exports. But the agreement does include a side letter allowing the establish future 232 tariffs, which Trump threatened to impose against Canada's automobile sector and on Monday, admitted that he did so to "get the deal".

"It sure seems that the Americans and Donald Trump are more interested in looking after agriculture in their industry than the Canadian government is looking after, particularly the dairy industry in Canada", said Haasen. "They were the sacrificial lambs". Additionally, in 2011, Strathcona County housed only nine dairy farms at a total of 587 animals. "It's a major hit to the industry".

Pence also warns American businesses to be vigilant against Chinese efforts to leverage access to their markets to modify corporate behavior to their liking.

"You tighten your belt, we do what we can, and we cut costs", said Nelson.

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Stan Van Keulen is a dairy farmer in Surrey.

Much of Pence's remarks are meant to inform the public of what the USA government terms as China's covert and overt influence campaign.

In a scathing statement, the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa says section 32.10 of the new USMCA amounts to an act of political dominance by the US, which it blames for inserting the clause some argue gives the Americans a veto over Canada and Mexico pursuing free trade with China.

He predicted the changes would force B.C. dairy farms to sell off their operations.

"We are grateful for the Administration's and the U.S. Trade Representative's stern and ardent support of the U.S. dairy industry", said Ryan.

The chairman of the New Brunswick dairy farmer says he woke up this morning with a pit in his stomach.

He said under the supply management system quotas are set on anticipated sales and "maybe we'll have to start cutting back our quotas".

China's Defense Ministry said a Chinese naval ship had been sent to warn the US vessel to leave and that Beijing had irrefutable sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and the waters around them.

He was skeptical about federal promises of compensation - Ottawa has promised to reimburse farmers affected by USMCA, but on Tuesday had no details - because he said similar offers under CETA and the TPP require farmers to apply for relief and they don't receive straight payments. China's ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai, in an interview with National Public Radio aired shortly before Pence's address, said there was a "much larger need for cooperation" than competition with Washington.

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