Published: Sat, October 06, 2018
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Martin unveils lunar lander concept vehicle

Martin unveils lunar lander concept vehicle

The 46-foot single-stage lander is twice as tall as the Lunar Module used on the Apollo missions - and can carry four astronauts (twice as many as Apollo's Module). Upon touchdown, the crew will use the craft's lift elevator platform to get from the cabin to the surface, before blasting back to their home base aboard the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway - a small space station that NASA plans to start constructing in 2022.

"NASA asked industry for innovative and new approaches to advance America's goal of returning humans to the Moon, and establishing a sustainable, enduring presence there", said Lisa Callahan, vice president and general manager of Commercial Civil Space at Lockheed Martin Space. The lander will be created to dock with NASA's planned Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway for service, refueling, and storage in between missions. According to a lunar mineralogical map released by NASA past year, water is present nearly everywhere on the moon's surface, albeit in minute amounts.

Exposure to galactic cosmic radiation during deep space travel, such as to Mars, might significantly damage gastrointestinal functions in astronauts, say researchers, led by one of an Indian-origin. The water could be broken down and eventually used for rocket fuel or for oxygen to breathe, according to scientists, who noted at the time that the discovery was significant.

"I'm thrilled to extend progress in commercial cooperation we've made in low-Earth orbit to the lunar environment with this new agreement with the Israel Space Agency and SpaceIL", said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

Former rap mogul Suge Knight set to be sentenced
Family members voiced their anger at Knight and said they are haunted by the video of the incident. Two other criminal cases that Suge was facing were dismissed at sentencing.

Earlier this week, Blue Origin announced it is partnering with the European Space Agency, Airbus and other companies for an worldwide "Moon Race" competition, encouraging groups to develop sustainable technology for a lunar base.

The VP also described the mighty Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion spacecraft that will be used to carry US astronauts on epic missions over the coming years.

The Israeli Space Agency (ISA) announced Wednesday that it had signed an agreement with NASA to engage the American space agency in the first Israeli moon mission.

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