Published: Sun, October 07, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Google Assistant can now help book rides from Uber, Lyft, and others

Google Assistant can now help book rides from Uber, Lyft, and others

The feature is accessible via any Android smartphone which supports Google Assistant.

For example, "Hey Google, Book me a ride with Uber to Cape Town".

The ride estimate capability is available using the Assistant built in to Android smartphones, the Google Assistant iOS app, Google Home smart devices, and other smart speakers which offer the Assistant.

Instead of asking Alexa or Siri, you can now say, "Hey Google, book me an Uber".

Two years ago the Google Assistant made its debut, and since then we've noticed that almost half of all interactions with the Assistant include both voice and touch.

It is, perhaps, important to note that Uber introduced the ability to book a ride with Cortana when the Universal Windows Platform-based app launched on Windows 10 Mobile and PCs in 2015. Or you can just say you want a ride to a certain restaurant or location and a list of different services with pricing and wait times will come up.

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Google Assistant is now capable of booking rides from numerous most popular ride-sharing services.

You can see your rideshare options in Google Maps at any time by tapping on the icon near the top of the screen that shows a waving person with a piece of luggage.

There are two ways on how to book ridesharing services through Google Assistant.

Alternatively, users can be more specific if they already know which ride-sharing service they want to use. "We plan to expand to more languages in the coming months". This feature has been present with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant for a while and Google is finally bringing to more users in the country.

Google said that this new Google Assistant service will only support the English language during its rollout.

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