Published: Sun, October 07, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Nintendo Game Boy Case Patent Turns Smartphones Into Portable Consoles

Nintendo Game Boy Case Patent Turns Smartphones Into Portable Consoles

The case is created to turn a smartphone's touchscreen into a functioning Game Boy with a working control pad and buttons.

Over the years, we've seen numerous Game Boy-inspired phone mods and cases attempt to rekindle that childhood handheld gaming magic; sadly, due to their unofficial nature, the vast majority have been quite lame.

Nintendo has filed a patent for a phone case that would turn your touch screen into a Game Boy with functioning buttons.

Just what we all needed but didn't know we should be asking for: a Nintendo-developed cell phone case that magically transforms our overpriced modern-day communication leashes into 1990s-vintage Game Boys.

This may look like a GameBoy, but it has a touchscreen device inside.

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The images that accompany the patent registration show that when the casing is placed in the device, it will remain with the appearance of an original Game Boy, although the design respects the position of the rear and front cameras, as well as the apertures of the Horn.

Now that Nintendo has brought few of the nostalgia-inducing consoles, everyone's waiting for something like the Game Boy and other handhelds. Simply purchase the case, place your phone inside and download an app, which will take the form of a Game Boy emulator.

It's also worth noting that Nintendo patents technology and products all the time which never make it to market, so it is possible the Game Boy case never leaves the company's R&D department. Smartphone cases tend to be model-specific.

A window would let owners view a Game Boy-sized portion of their screen, and as you might've guessed, that's where games would be displayed. Nintendo has a huge backlog of wildly popular games, and to be able to jump into them on a bus for five minutes with a device I already own would be pretty fantastic.

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