Published: Mon, October 08, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Microsoft Halts Windows 10 Update Over Mass File Deletion

Microsoft Halts Windows 10 Update Over Mass File Deletion

The Windows 10 October 2018 update is reportedly deleting users' personal files after it is installed, and Microsoft has pulled the update from its download site. It was launched to coincide with a new range of Surface hardware being unveiled at an event in NY.

Microsoft has announced the removal of the Windows 10 1809 release following numerous complaints about user files being deleted. In particular you would find it easy to move and use photos and texts from your mobile on your PC. According to a Reddit user who contacted Microsoft Support, the technicians may invite affected customers to run System Restore to go back to Windows 10 version 1803, but that may not be possible if System Restore has been disabled in Settings. One user on the Microsoft support board claimed to have lost 220 gigabytes of files.

On Saturday Microsoft decided that the tide of consumer reports complaining about the latest Windows Update was high enough to pause the software rollout.

It appears that the problem has been around in Insider builds for anything up to three months, however because it affected a tiny proportion of users, the feedback wasn't escalated to the level of "showstopper" and a result got out into the wild.

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"If you have files in your Docs folder still, none were deleted", Sarkar wrote.

Users who have manually downloaded the update have been advised to not "install it and wait until new media is available".

So the issue is being investigated, but how did Microsoft miss it in the first place? Hopefully, Microsoft will rapidly fix issues such as this which put roadblocks in the way of such a workflow. Before the rollout of 1809 was ceased updates on platforms using this Intel driver may have been blocked to avoid "excessive processor demand and reduced battery life".

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