Published: Tue, October 09, 2018
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‘Journalist murdered in Saudi consulate in Istanbul’

‘Journalist murdered in Saudi consulate in Istanbul’

"I do not like it".

Khashoggi, a critic of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Saudi Arabia's intervention in Yemen, has been living in exile in the United States to avoid arrest.

Others suggested that the British media was probably too busy trying to find a way to blame Putin for the murder or seeking out the next alleged victim of a Russian "Novichok attack" to look into the Khashoggi story.

The British government on Monday said the allegations on the disappearance of Khashoggi are "extremely serious".

Saudi Arabia has denied the accusations, saying it is "working to search for him".

A Qatari academic in Qatar University said some media persons who give lectures about journalistic ethics have been exposed to be the most reckless.

Saudi officials have denied the allegations as baseless.

"Our country's values should be and must be a cornerstone of our foreign policy with foes and allies alike", he said. "We are not in a position to confirm these reports, but we are following them closely", the offcial said.

Saudi Arabian officials must prove that journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who has been missing since last week, had left the Istanbul consulate, Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan has said.

On Saturday, Trump said at a rally in West Virginia that although the Saudis "have got trillions of dollars", "we don't get what we should be getting" from them.

Erdogan said police are looking at surveillance video of the consulate's entrances and exits, as well as at the Istanbul airport.

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A fierce critic of Saudi policies, the royal family and its power, Mr Khashoggi had been living in self-imposed exile in Washington for the a year ago, fearing retribution for his views.

Jamal Khashoggi went to the consulate on Tuesday to obtain a document certifying he had divorced his ex-wife, so that he could marry his Turkish fiancée, Hatice Cengiz.

The Washington Post also pressured the administration to investigate. Saudi Arabia claimed that Khashoggi had left the embassy without anyone noticing.

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Killing someone such as Khashoggi - who long had ties to the royal family and the Saudi intelligence apparatus - in a consulate would be a major escalation in the prince's rise.

So the prospects of this changing anything, I think, are unlikely. "So we put that in that category". While MBS has attracted attention with his modernization campaign to roll back some of the kingdom's ultraconservative societal regulations, human rights groups say the government has ramped up its crackdown on activists and dissenters. Moreover, the Saudi government put at least 100 people to death past year, according to Amnesty International. She accused Saudi Arabia of "state terrorism" and called on the worldwide community to take action against the kingdom. "The relations have the potential of evolving into a crisis at any moment", said Ozgur Unluhisarcikli, director of the German Marshall Fund's Ankara office. She likened the situation to "a dead end", adding that one measure Ankara might take was to ask the Saudi consul to go "on grounds that the incident has cast doubts on mutual trust".

"It is appalling to see 60- and 70-year-old icons of reform being branded as "traitors" on the front pages of Saudi newspapers", Khashoggi wrote in May.

That kind of big-time money is essential to the crown prince's ambitious plans to develop the kingdom, to diversify the economy beyond the oil.

"There is no country that kills opponents of its policy inside an official building in a foreign country", he said.

Al-Arabiya, a Saudi-owned pan-Arab newspaper based in London, has published articles quoting Khashoggi's Saudi-based family in support of the Riyadh government.

Reuters journalists toured the six-storey consulate in northern Istanbul which Khashoggi entered on Tuesday to get documents for his forthcoming marriage.

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