Published: Tue, October 09, 2018
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Melania Trump criticised for wearing 'colonialist' pith helmet on Kenyan safari

Melania Trump criticised for wearing 'colonialist' pith helmet on Kenyan safari

She was asked about her decision the day before to wear a safari hat that some people have criticised for its "colonial" associations, but refused to be drawn.

She fed formula to two of the elephants raised at Nairobi National Park and reached out to others, patting one's back and stroking the ear of another.

The president tweeted about his wife's visit this week, saying she was doing a great job.

The critics were aghast at her outfit and her choice of headgear - Melania Trump, that is, during her African excursion.

First lady Melania Trump has been criticized for wearing a white pith helmet while on a safari in Kenya on Friday.

Trump, speaking to reporters in front of the Sphinx on Saturday, described her trip to Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt as part of her signature "Be Best" initiative as "amazing".

Twitter users lit up, asking: "why is she dressed like Colonel Sanders going on an archaeology trip", and another joked she was auditioning for a new job.

US First Lady Melania Trump walks with her Egyptian counterpart Intissar Amer al-Sisi after arriving at Cairo International Airport. "This is a first lady who's very, very careful about what she wears and what messages she does send, from her clothes to her facial expressions to. how she looks and acts", Bennett told NPR's Mary Louise Kelly. Image copyright AFP Image caption Like many first ladies, Melania Trump has chosen to use her platform to discuss issues affecting children.

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This trip marks Trump's first visit to Africa, as Time reports.

"I think he's highly qualified for the Supreme Court", the First Lady told reporters traveling with her in Egypt on her first solo trip.

Trump said she wanted the world to know what she did in Africa. She revealed that she wishes people would stop worrying about her wardrobe.

In Lilongwe, Malawi, her motorcade passed a sign that read "Welcome to Malawi".

Another called her outfit the "worst Meryl Streep impersonation ever", referencing the actress' role in Out of Africa.

She said: "We've just completed an incredible trip".

Following her visit to the orphanage and national park in Nairobi, Trump had tea with Kenyan First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

'Michelle Obama was never under this much of a microscope when it came to her fashion choices, ' she believes.

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